Life in fast forward…

You know, I don’t know who will read this, or if anyone will. Don’t care really. It will be my musings, my meanderings, my moments of life as I trespass into the unknown, seek understanding, and reach for uniqueness in my own way.

Lord knows I have enough barriers in day to day life, but I needed an outlet, a way to just write for me and for some reason it was easier to just sit and type it out at times than write in my journal- where ever I am. (So I apologize now, for typos or misspellings if I am typing quickly on the run while I don’t have time to fix the fiendish thoughts pouring through my fingertips as fingers can’t keep up with my stream of consciousness thoughts. I tend to leave out words once in awhile).
For those who may read what I write, it will tell of comings and goings, my books that I am reading, the books I am trying to write (sigh the starts were erased my a helpful husband- ARGH! never again!), hopes and dreams for the future. Life moves pretty fast, and as Ferris Bueller put it… “If you don’t stop and enjoy it once in awhile, you may miss it.” So, I am going to try and find the great and wonderfuls each day, and in what I do. That about sums it up…. Enjoy!

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