Watch Out World!

So I woke up this morning, completely energized. This is SO not like me. I had in my mind, “This has got to be a great day.” It was a good day. How is it when you think something to yourself, and believe that it will be, than it comes into being? The self actualization of what can be, becomes what is? Does this work for all things?
Like those really crappy days when I wake up saying, “I hate today. I do NOT want to get my butt out of bed. I am (determined, groan, piss on you world) to have a bad day.” And, low and behold, my day sucks ass! Sigh. If all the pithy little arguments I had with myself in the morning could just be frozen in time so I could remind myself that I am a self-fulfilling prophecy. That if I believe that I will have a good day then; dammit!, I will make it so I will have a good day. Even if that means I have to go get myself that new book that just came out that I wanted so badly. (Sigh, commercialism does not equal true happiness but does bring moments of said happiness from the time reading thereafter). I digress, again.

I do not believe that if I thought long and hard enough, or believed hard enough that I was, supergirl, for instance, that I could therefore fly and be faster than s speeding bullet. No… though that would be cool though. The tights would be a pain, and I look terrible in those colors combined. Really, who did her wardrobe? Crap, stream of consciousness.

It is the act of waking up in the morning, knowing that there throughout the day to come, I may have some unfortunate events occur. There may be some really not nice people to deal with, and I-5 traffic, and coworkers in bad moods who find I am the perfect person to take it out on. I, however, will put my faith in myself. The belief that I will be in good humour throughout it all, and that it is one day in a series of many, many more and that no matter what, today can’t be too bad. I have had A LOT worse, and I mean some really really bad days. So, I will wake up today, tomorrow, and the day after, and say- “Watch out world. Here I come. I am going to have a GREAT Day.” Reminds me of a song we sang in Choir of the West, or Choral Union…. GREEE-AAAT DAY! Great Day the Righteous Marchin…

Sigh. Then the car won’t start… Great day, I tell ya. It was a great day!

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