Fantasy Fever…

OMG… I just HAVE to say it, because it won’t last long.
I mean it really won’t. But as of 6:17pm PACIFIC Coast Standard time.
I am ahead of the guys after one nights game of play. I chose well Obi-wan!
Oh, wait. No, that was the Last Night of the Round Table in Indian Jones and the Last Crusades. Okay, well… I am at 74 for today. So far… overall, I am way behind because I started a week late so I am loser overall, but hey. I am glorying in my one moment ahead of all these guys who have years of experience in playing the Fantasy Baseball thingy…
Want to see how I am doing? Go to the link I attached at the right side of the page that says “Fantasy Baseball” My team name is “Best. Team. Ever.” I know. Original. Isn’t it? Haha!

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