Dreams and seascapes…

Nothing makes me more happy than to see the new books coming my way.  I am so excited to see that I have new books- and I have old books that I still have to read as well.  The new books are parts of series that I have been enthusiastically reading for the past few years. I voraciously read through the pages in a day or two and then patiently wait for the next novel to appear.  They briefly inspire me to write my own books, but if only I could keep my attention span focused long enough to write. I had really good starts on a series, but unfortunately lost quite a bit of it when Mike uploaded Win 7 onto my laptop.  Sigh… now I must re- inspire myself to write again. How will I do it? I guess by reading more and more… and trying to write here and there. Must remember to save it on my flash drive, not on the computer this time!

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