To worry or not to worry….

Surprisingly, I am calm. My brain is going a thousand miles an hour, thinking of what ifs, trying to decipher what this could mean. Not exactly sure just yet, but I am thinking it isn’t positive, no matter how you twist it.  We wanted answers, we got it. Just didn’t think it would be this.  Thought, “Yeah, maybe something was blocking my intestine or just causing an irritation. Perhaps I am allergic to something that was causing the pains in my stomach.” I did not think, nor ever thought I would have a tumor in my intestine. Whether it is benign or not, we won’t find out for two weeks, to a month. (Two weeks if it is good news and then send me a letter- month if they wish to see me in the office and bestow the not-so-good news).
Sigh, either way, it looks like the treatment for the tumor/lesion is some kind of removal anyways. What I am worried about is Mike. He seems more worried than I am, and he hasn’t been sleeping well, and he stays up nights worrying. I do not want him to worry and want him to take care of himself. I worry more about him worrying. Sigh, endless cycle. Oh well. I guess we will see what the next few weeks will bring. At least I can look forward to the girls book club meeting this weekend.  

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