Music of the heart… and mind…

Over the past few days, I have gotten several comments about my little sojourn to the Paramore concert tomorrow night.  I am quite excited.  Some friends are jealous, several friends (who happen to be parents and have kids that are in junior high or even high school already) have stated their kids are jealous and aren’t I a little old for doing such things.  I actually laughed. So did Diann.

This is my take on music; Of any kind.  I love music. There are certain kinds, and depending on my mood, that music fills me and I am just lighter because of it. When, and I mean when-  not IF, when I have my own children,  I will be going to concerts with them like this. They will be so lucky… because I will be enjoying the music right along with them.  Age doesn’t have limit to the music, honestly.  I love it.  Just because I am not currently stuck at home caring for children, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the same music that is out there…
Paramore 1) doesn’t use foul language (so far), 2) talks about meaningful things and I totally get them, 3) is a band that is fun, up beat, doesn’t have the same sound every song, and is original. I appreciate that. Whats more, they don’t charge an arm and a leg for their concerts.

So, if I had kids and they wanted to see Paramore, I would totally take them to the concert.  It would be awesome! I would thoroughly enjoy it even if my kids would be embarrassed to be seen with their totally cool mom- cause that is what I would be.  (Just like my mom was, honestly). Whether my kids wanted to see Paramore, Yo-Yo Ma, a Choral group, Joshua Bell (he is hot- I would go to watch as well as listen), or go to a Pink Floyd  laser light show…. um… wait. No, I have to draw a line. I will leave the classic rock education to my husband. Mike will have to do that. He is more educated in that area. *Sigh*  When it comes to rap groups and stuff with lots of swear words and like rated-x material.  Yeah, they can get that stuff when they graduate from high school. I will preview all material before they listen to it. There has to be a limit somewhere.

Bottom line, and I will say it again, music moves me.  I want to provide as many opportunities for my children to experience the benefits and the joys of music and PERFORMANCE as possible. I loved going to concerts. Professional concerts, rock concerts, plays, operas, musicals. I do not do it enough.  I need to keep doing what it is I love, or I lose a bit of myself.

Thus, the reason Diann and I are going to see Paramore.  We are super excited. I imagine lots of teenagers who are excited about Twilight: Eclipse will be there as well… but we are going for the music. We will sing along, try not to lose our voices too much as we have a concert in a month from now.  There is so much to enjoy in life right now and music is a big part of that… Live and love life- ROCK ON!

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