A New Day!

Our little sunshine believes that, like the dog, when the sun comes up its time to be awake.  Unfortunately for me, that is 4:00am, sometimes 3:30am, and I would SOOO like to go back to sleep.
It is amazing though; sunshine is just that.  A ray of sparkly smiles, giggles, and movement that just makes the day that more special.  However, I am not conversant enough at that time of day to take advantage of her alertness. She is starting to figure this out and is able to nap for another hour or so, and give mom a much needed respite.  However, that image of the man or woman coming down the stairs, still incredibly exhausted that they pour milk into the coffee maker and coffee into their cereal??? Something like that reminds me of myself at these early hours.
I am afraid that I am going to come out of the baby room, holding a stuffed bear instead of her, and discover that I put her diaper on the other end, instead of covering the “wazzoo” that needs to be covered so badly (as we have evidence of projectile poo stains 2 feet away!!).  What is funny, is that I can still always remember her smiles even though I am so out of it, and especially when she waits til that diaper is off just enough so she can make a mess… and has a huge grin plastered to her beautiful face.  Ah. The joys of infants and their antics.
It is a beautiful new day, and I am going to enjoy each moment that she blesses me with a new babble or coo, and pray for the time I can drink caffeine again!!!

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