Hannah Adventures…

Now, I wouldn’t really call what we did today an adventure.  However, trying to pack nine shopping bags full of books and cart around a 7 week old is not that easy.  Hannah, granted, did not find this adventure exciting, but rather tiresome.  She slept the whole time, except while traveling in the car.  THAT is when she wakes up and just peers out the car and watches things go by.
Some times (and I swear by this) she just looks so freakin’ intelligent and looks like she is about to open her mouth and say something.  She just looks so thoughtful and then mumbles some babble to herself about what she is seeing.  (Yes, only 7 weeks and she is talking back and forth with me). Awesome, but also scary as all get out!!  She is growing WAY to fast for us!! We don’t know what to expect next…. driver’s permit, first boyfriend.  Holy Cow!!  And she has already had 3 different boys sleep in her bed!! (Granted they are all 10 months old or younger, and she wasn’t in the bed with them… but still!!)
What a pair she and I make.  And everyone just adores her! I am sitting looking at her, wondering if the slouch she has gotten herself into while she’s been comatose is really that good for her neck?  Hmm… must move her again.
I am a new mommie, so I know that this is all just random musings, but man… we made an awesome kid! She is just this amazing little creation of Mike and I, and I am just flummoxed by all the little signs she gives us.  I don’t get them right half the time, but she is bright, this one!  She knows what she wants, and will give us .002 seconds to figure it out before going into supersonic mode. There is usually no stopping her then, even if we fixed the problem she was originally upset about.  She has taught us well though.  We have learned the “5 S’s” and they seem to work pretty amazingly in calming her down.  We know what she likes, and doesn’t like.  And acid reflux, in her important opinion, SUCKS big time!  She does NOT like having a sensitive tummy, and let’s us know this repetitively through out the day.  Everyone was saying-  “Oooh! She’s colicky.” Nope, she just is very opinionated and ALL DAY tells us that she does not like having an upset tummy. So, sigh. Now I need to trust my gut when it says, “Something is not right. She is not happy and this is not a ‘frustrated because I still need 3 more months in the womb’ kind of cry.’ This is a fully pissed off cry that says ‘Every time I eat I feel molten lava creeping up my throat and out my backside and the pacifier or sucking anything all day is not working!”
Now that we have this part figured out a bit… she sleeps!  She actually sleeps longer than 2-3 hours at a time, and has been spending the past several days catching up on that sleep.  I have had to wake her up every time today to actually eat.  Totally opposite of the baby we had before. She was happy and had moments of absolute cuteness before, but these periods have extended into hours and lengthy moments of interaction and fun, and then she sleeps! Not crying, but sleeping. I can actually put her down and eat something and then waste my precious time blogging about how amazing my daughter is! Haha!
So… these are one of the moments. Random musings from a new mother, who had a small adventure today, that didn’t really turn out to be an adventure but carting around a sleeping baby strapped to my chest.  Ahh…. she is pushing at my legs now.  Must go feed the little munchkin.  My love to all!

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