Woot for full nights of sleep!

Last night, Sunshine slept her first full night…. well, if you consider 6.5 hours full, that was it!! We had a fun time with friends for the 4th of July (though Mike and I found ourselves huddling with Sunshine inside to protect her little ears) we arrived home at around 10:30pm. We cleaned her up, put her in a sleeping outfit, I fed her, dad burped her and read her a story, and then all three of us hit the sack around 11:00pm.
Amazingly- the sun was peeking through the windows this morning when Mike woke up while I was feeding her. He looks at me and her, then asks “How many times did she wake up last night?”
I looked at him and said, “This is it.  She never made a peep.”  That was 5:45am!!! Woot!
So now why is it I am so much more tired than I am on the days where I only get three hours of sleep??  Any one want to tell me that one??? Oh!! I know! Its like a drug except it works the opposite. So when you get too much sleep, your body realizes what its been missing and craves it MORE!! I swear I am like a zombie here, which is funny because Mike loves anything zombie related and thus appreciates me more (right? RIIIGGGHHHTTT).

So, here I am with Sunshine… who went to the chiropractor again. (Again, I also think that chiropractic care is like a drug… go in once, they keep telling you to come back again and again).  However, she had her neck stuck in this odd position always looking left.  Hopefully now she will be able to practice lifting her head up straight or to the right without making it known to everyone on the planet how displeased she is with her inability to do just that.

I have been thinking of writing again. Books.  I have had some children’s book ideas for a long time, but it is about some sensitive issues and how do you create a book that tactfully explains in a language that is understandable to children, about speaking to strangers or about sexual abuse??? Yeah, I chose a tough subject… but I want my daughter to know about the difference between good touches and bad touches and who she can go to for help. I figured that this could benefit not just her, but all the other little children out there who may not have the benefit of knowing what to do, or who to talk to, or that what is occurring to them at home is NOT OKAY.  So… while I sit and ponder again about writing, I start thinking about the other books I want to write.  Maybe when we go camping I will get inspired there?  I really do come up with great ideas while on Orcas Island.  Perhaps that is the place for my muse, my inspiration? One can only hope, but so far, every year I have written a chapter while we are out there.  Perhaps I will get more done this time?  Oh wait, we are post-Sunshine now… she is here and she is very particular of what she wants and when she wants it.  Should be interesting, camping 10 days with a then 3 month old.  Holy Moly!! How to pack for such a trip? Anyone have ideas?

Okay, I am teetering on my stream of consciousness writing and I KNOW that is not interesting.  (Ahhh to have the ability of Virginia Woolf and her effective competence at rambling in a cohesive manner). Will have to add more, once I snatch a nap with Sunshine, in the sun 😉 

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