A dream…

Talk about weird!!  I had the craziest dream last night, and while I can only relate to you the last part because that is all I remember, well it’s still weird.

Anyone know about Dead Gentleman Productions. A number of friends of mine from college, many who I lived in Hinderlie Hall with, are incredibly funny on their own but put them together and they are frickin’ hilarious. They started a production company and they create some wickedly funny movies. First it was improv then moved to film (which I was an extra in the first Demon Hunters, but was so terrible at that I think I was edited out- haha).
These guys love to play D&D and role play. They are creative and spirited.  I have been amazed by their talent and creativity all these many years. So, last night was a bit odd, but here goes the dream.

Scene: a University Commons dining area (thought to be PLU, Pacific Lutheran University where we went to school, but wasn’t sure as it didn’t look anything like the old or new commons that now exists).

Whats happening:  Nathan, Ben, Steve W., Brie, Camille, and Matt and I are walking in a single file line, trying to make our way through the crowd of people who are, oddly enough dancing.  Dancing to what, an old little jig of some kind requiring partners where ever they are standing. It’s funny, but it looks like the dance Merry and Pippin do in The Return of the King on the tables in Edoras celebrating the victory at the Battle at Helm’s Deep.   (Anyone know this one??)  Here is a youtube version of it… Green Dragon Song.

So, in my dream I am walking behind Brie and Camille and in front of Steve and Nate. Not sure where we were trying to go but it was important we exit the building as fast as possible.  But we were all looking at each other, going “Wow!! All these people loved our movies so much, they made a dance to commemorate our movies! That is so amazing!”  They were calling it “The Hobbit” dance. Which, in the DG movies, I don’t remember any hobbits, so I think this was my weird dream injecting other stuff I love- namely Tolkien and LOTR.
As we were making our way through the room, I looked in a mirror and saw that I wasn’t really me. I was Emily, another gal from college who also stared in a lot of the DG movies. I was surprised but didn’t have time to focus on that, but kept walking after the others.
End Scene. I woke up to Sunshine wanting breakfast.  So, I think it is weird that I was someone else in my dream. Someone that I know even. In psychoanalyzing this aspect, perhaps I am envious of Emily’s ability to act, and my apparant lack of ability? Which is funny, because I can lie my way out of anything and be really convincing when it matters. Hmmm… Or perhaps, I am reliving the college days in which I had so much fun and wished I had done more acting? Not sure. There are lots of things it could be, but I know one thing for sure…it was an oddly fun dream to have. I don’t mind looking like Emily, as she is beautiful, and it was fun hanging out with these guys in my dream.  Makes me want to see them all again. I only hang out with Brie regularly and see Camille once in a while.  Note to self: Must make point of getting out more.

So are there ever things you wished you had done and experienced that you haven’t?? I am thinking about those things now.  Wondering, as my life has changed drastically with Sunshine’s arrival, what my future holds?  How else will things change?  I know that for my mental and emotional sanity, I NEED to get out more and that I don’t want to be ONLY a stay at home mom. I want to continue working, but now I realize how much I love seeing Sunshine grow and don’t wish to miss seeing this, so my plan is to work from home, or do part time. There is a job I applied for with a community college, and I got an interview and it is actually “THE JOB” I would love to have. A career really.  But if I am ever offered the job, would they be willing to let me do it part time, instead of full time?  It is also 45 minutes from our home, and that is in good traffic.  There are a lot of factors to consider, but I enjoy helping people with disabilities, and I really enjoy teaching and advocating for them as well. This job would be my dream job!! But we shall see.  I am not sure what doors will open, where I will go next, and what God has in store for me.  I can keep dreaming though.

What can I do now?  I guess (pauses to see sleeping baby) take advantage of the moment and nap with Sunshine. Perhaps I can learn the steps to that jig and teach it to others, haha!  What an interesting dream.

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