Whirlwind week…

Here we are, already half way through the week and I am pooped out!

Granted, I had two days were I had a few hours to myself for respite…. I went and watched some movies by myself.  I should be feeling rejuvenated, right? I had lots of energy when I went to pick up Sunshine after the movies, and I really missed her those few hours… but where the feck did that energy go??

Have to admit, the new Captain America movie rocked!!! It has action, humor, and just a slight bit of romance. But it was totally 1940’s love, not 2010 rated R love.  Plus, just a note, you’ve got to stay and watch til the very end where it has 2 clips from the upcoming Avengers movie in May 2012.  It was so cool!  I wish my husband loved movies as much as I do… it would be fun to go see these things with him.  But, as he does not enjoy watching these movies on the big screen… I go by myself during my own time.  Problem is, I don’t have much “me” time.  I was ever so lucky that two of my good friends said they would watch Sunshine on Monday and Tuesday for a few hours, while I ran some errands and went to the movies.  This was much needed!  I enjoy going to the movies by myself.  (Is that odd??) But I can laugh at the things, maybe only I would find funny, and cry like a baby at the sad parts.  Funny thing is, I can retreat and go into my own little world and just enjoy the creativity and action on the big screen.  It is fun… but the time goes by way to quickly.

There are 4 independent films coming out based off of some books we have read in our book club group.  It looks like I will have to wait for those.  (Snowflower and the Secret Fan, The Help, One Day, and the book we are reading now- Molokai).  Some of these should be really interesting.  I am off to feed Sunshine and write down the other movies for 2011 I would like to see. Or at least write down the ones I will be willing to wait until they come out on DVD. 

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