The New-Old me…

So, here is what I know about myself:  (And being that I can talk about myself in 3rd person fairly better than in first, I will state that ‘No, I do not have multiple personalities, but think it would be rather interesting if I did.’ Therefore, I have done my best first person rendition.

  • I have an awesome husband who tolerates my musings, laughs at my mistakes with vocabulary (ALL the time), corrects me often (which I detest), has the driest sense of humor ever (I often can’t tell if he is serious or not), and who loves me for me. He also kicks major zombie a$$ on L4D2. Well, when he is not a zombie himself with the lack of sleep we have been getting. Enough said.   
  • I am a lover of art: Be it music, theater, or actual art that you look at in a museum and sometimes think ‘I could do a better side walk chalk drawing while drunk.”
  • I love to dance. I love to dance with my little Sunshine as well. Much to the chagrin of my loving husband, who loathes hip hop, declares the musicians not really musicians but electronic crap.  Sometimes I agree with him, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to dance to it.  😉
  • I have the sweetest, cutest, most brilliant little 12 week old girl (who has saved me from a speeding ticket by becoming a not so sweet, not so cute, and still incredibly brilliant its scary, mutant screamer).
  • We have a cat and dog.  The cat totally kicks the dogs butt, and definitely is the alpha here.  We are just her slaves to do her bidding.
  • I have a serious mental illness and am not currently on medications due to breast feeding. Am doing surprisingly well with the aide of a HUGE support group. Never enough said about that.
  • I love to sing, and hope that I will still make the choir I am in this year. (Classical Choral music is sooo good for the soul!)
  • I have an amazing group of friends from my undergraduate university (PLU). They are our chosen family.
  • I believe in the saying, “Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.  ~Author Unknown and also the saying: “Friends are God’s apology for relations.”  ~Hugh Kingsmill
  • My favorite words are: Rhododendron, curmudgeon, copacetic, embiggen, cromulent, and titillating. (Don’t ask). 
  • I’m turning into my mom, and and in some ways, this frightens me. My husband says I am turning into his mom, and that scares the $#!* out of me.
  • I’ve been trying to write a biography about my life, and so far I can’t stay focused enough to finish 3 pages. 
  • I would love to write children’s stories, but have way to many ideas to narrow them down and am afraid people have covered my ideas already.
  • I have a fear of heights, but love getting into high places. (Just can’t manage to get down easily). 
  • My greatest fear is abandonment. (Be it by death, choice, or whatever crap life drums up).
  • I secretly am ashamed of my collections of artifacts from my favorite movies, and that I actually spent money on them.
  • I am proud of my book collection (My fancy “really old” collectibles that are only meaningful to me. Not to be mistaken with the number of romance and paranormal romance novels that I believe my in-laws are not-so-secretly ashamed of. My husband, however, is not complaining though. Hehe).
  • I am seriously a little kid in a big body. 
  • I would love to get rid of my thunder thighs. (Sigh).
  • Am afraid that my little girl has already inherited my thunder thighs (big sigh).
  • Enjoying using the words: “Sweet” and “Feck” when I can. 
  • While I rarely swear, I surprisingly use an exorbitant number of swear words while playing video games/LOTR online with my husband. (Do not allow children to be around me at that time).
  • I tend to write what is going on in my head, as I write. I often miss words, streaming thoughts from one subject to another (but the reader has no clue I’ve done that). I too often use “…” and elongated words like “soooo.” I also have terrible grammar but love learning new words. My husband also notes I make use of “hyperbole” way to much. Like “ALL THE TIME!”
Although this is just a trifle number of odd things about myself, it made me smile writing them down for the moment. Perhaps you are not as odd as you thought you were?  

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