The Sound of Music….

The Sound of Silence, Does. Not. Exist. In. This. House!  I often find myself humming the same tunes that Sunshine uses on her play-mat in the living room.  It has a jungle theme, but plays varying themes of “Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star”, “Skip to my Lou” and other tunes.
Every morning and afternoon she spends some time kicking the little poles that hold up these butterflies, and it makes the music go.  I find myself dancing to this wherever I am, telling her to “kick-kick-kick” and she talks back to me.  I even think she is doing her own version of singing to these songs.

There seems to be a constant sound of giggles, crying, or singing going on in this house.  I love it!  The dog even howls when particular songs sound from my cell phone. (Namely hubby or Nana calling, or alarms to get going). I have found that Mike and I make up songs to little activities we do all the time, before we had Sunshine. Now that she is here, we do this even more now. I find myself tapping 16th notes on her bottom, and she seems to not go to sleep unless I do so.  I sing her to sleep with the “River Lullabye” from Prince of Egypt, or “Baby Mine” from Dumbo. Dad will chime in for “I’m Just a Little Black Rain Cloud” from Winnie the Pooh. She loves to hear dad’s deeper more resonant voice.

Even though we don’t consciously hear or see it, music is a huge part of our daily lives… be it in the sounds of birds chirping and the wind in the trees, or the hums we sing to Sunshine as we change her diapers, count her buttons, or rock her to sleep. Music is everywhere we go and in everything we do… One just has to take the time to listen.

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