Concerns for a little girl…

I so wanted to be natural with Sunshine-  not have to give her medications if I didn’t have to.  Of course, I am so worried about her comfort and distress, that finding out she has an infection that I could really do nothing to stop from happening, and thus she needs antibiotics to get it to go away…. Well, it just makes me sad.

When I was young, I was on antibiotics often for some reason or another. As I got older, prescriptions really did stop working on me so well as I had become immune to their efforts.  When I was in college, I continued to have strep throat, ear infections, tonsillitis, etc.  It wasn’t until 2008 when I finally had my tonsils removed and I have rarely gotten sick with a real infection since. I still feel run down, tired, exhausted. This is mostly due to depression, or seasonal depression up here in the Great Pacific Northwest.  What a difference having my tonsils removed and feeling ever so much better. Not to mention, my pitch and tonality in singing has gotten supremely better!  I believe my range got wider too.

So, what does this have to do with Sunshine?  To take antibiotics, or not take antibiotics? That is the question. How do we as a parent know, without being doctors, when enough is enough, or that there has to be something else that can be done?  Sunshine has been on an antibiotic for her UTI for 9 days now.  Her fever still pops up, but she is definitely being feeling a bit better and not in as much discomfort. However, the doctor does not believe her UTI is gone since she keeps sprouting the temperatures.  On top of that, she sounds congested a lot, but her chiropractor said it could be because her axis in her neck has been out.  I think, honestly, that she has allergies.  Could be the cat or dog, or dust in the house. I find her and I sneezing at the same time often. She has had white stuff in her nose, which my ENT said for me, is the presence of allergies and my system fighting it off.

She was given medications for her acid reflux, and this was changed as she seemed to get used to this stuff as well. So, on to another prescription.  I am seeking her comfort, but when is too much, too much? I don’t want to kill off any of the good enzymes in her stomach that will later be able to do the digestive work for her.  I certainly do not wish for her to be in the pain she has been in.  Perhaps, these two issues have something in common and are something totally different?  Who knows?

Perhaps the real reason I am having troubles with this is because I have hated having to take medications to make me “feel okay” for my mental illness.  Medications to manage my mood fluctuations, my stress and anxiety… and what it took for me to be relatively okay is to get pregnant and to continue breast feeding. An  “All-Natural” remedy to mental illness. How long will this last? Again, who knows?  My hubby keeps saying “Let’s start on baby #2,” while I am saying I want to lose the last 30 of the 65 lbs I gained with baby #1.  Perhaps, he feels I should stay pregnant so I don’t have to take all those pills and am fun to be around?  I have to admit, I was in a profoundly better mood most of the time, even if I was extraordinarily uncomfortable at other times during my pregnancy. How is it that pregnancy closed the gaps between my synapses, aiding in my ability to feel better and not worry so much?  I won’t lie when I say that I still had severe difficulties with thinking straight thoughts throughout the pregnancy, and I still had and have difficulties with stream of consciousness and little hypermanic episodes where I spend money we don’t have…. All in all, I am doing much better. Amazing how God creates us.

Back to square one with Sunshine.  I guess I will have to talk to her doctor about all this. My concerns about the antibiotics and so on.  On top of that, the ultrasound should pick up what the root cause of all this could be, and perhaps then she won’t have to take any more meds.  That would be a blessing.  Keep praying.
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Until next time, a beautiful day to you and may you have lots of giggles.

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