The Big Prep…

Prepping for camping with our little one is no small feet!  (Well, she has small feet, but really! Crap load of stuff and they say that traveling with infants is way easier to do than with toddlers…. sheesh!)

Due to the length of time we are camping, it has come to my attention that we will need a ton of stuff just to keep her occupied or at least comfortable.  Plus, because we will have to do laundry half way through the trip, we still need to pack enough clothes that in case she does make a mess… we are covered.  On top of that, I need to make sure I pack enough so that if she spits up on me or makes a mess, I am going to be covered! (Here is hoping dad gets nailed as much as I do with the spit ups… Sorry, honey).

She is in the stage where she needs to do tummy time, and interact with colorful items.  So, gotta take the play mat.  If I want to use the shower, or do something while others go off and swim or I want to read for just a few minutes… gotta take the bouncer.  She also has to sleep sitting up a bit cause her acid reflux is so bad.  So we have to take the the Rock n’ play sleeper.  (I had to include the link, for anyone who ever needs a bassinet type sleeper for their newborn and your baby also has reflux. We got it on amazon for a better price than what is listed here. This is the greatest thing!  You can take it with you. If the baby moves, it will rock them. Plus, it has breathable sides in case they roll over or place their head near it.  For the first few months of babyhood this has been so helpful!!)

Then you have to think about layers. We have several clothes, sleepers, stuffed into bags, but seriously… what are the chances that while camping she will finally blow out a diaper, or spit up? (She hasn’t done this yet, and keeps most messes to the day time… but what will you bet she will do this while camping?) So, yeah.  I have come to the conclusion that being prepared is better than not being prepared.  And 10 days of camping is a LONG time to go with a 3 month old. But we are going to attempt it.  Attempt being the key word!

We have made it a tradition to go camping near where we got married, and around our anniversary. Hard to believe it has been 7 years of marriage, and 10 years of being together. Amazing how time flies!! I have loved every minute with Michael. Even the really tough times, and those rough first few years. I love him more now that we have faced these things together. He is an awesome man, and I am one lucky woman to have him, and Sunshine is lucky to have a daddy that loves her so much!!
Well, wish us luck on camping and I shall let you know how it goes!!!
Have a brilliant day and don’t forget to giggle!

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