Attack of the Sleep Monster

Sigh. Here I am at 2:30am, totally awake.  Yet, the past 4 days I have been utterly exhausted. I crave sleep like a drug and have taken every available nap I can with Sunshine, yet still remain in a stupor. Like a drug induced walking coma, or perhaps… quite Zombie-like. I have been getting a fair amount of hours of sleep, yet still am so tired. Honestly. Feels like I first did when I became pregnant with Sunshine.

And yet, sleep eludes me this morning. Perhaps it is because Sunshine is not sleeping well right now either. She is thrashing about in her little rocker. Back and forth… yet still in a somewhat odd sleep state.  I can’t sleep listening to that, as this usually means I am to feed her. I have. Twice. I have emptied the udders, so to speak, when they are usually quite full from not having fed her for a few hours.

I know this lack of sleep now is really going to do me in for the rest of the day. What sucks is that, tonight, for the first time in 2 weeks I have not had those yucky night sweats that really have been all-day sweats. I get these extreme heat flashes throughout the day like it is 100 degrees out, instead of only 75. When it comes time to feed Sunshine, sweat pours out of me like I am in the Bahamas with 100% humidity. At night, these happen quite a few times. Throughout my pregnancy I felt like this. Normally, before I was pregnant, this “Transplanted-Californian” was cold- ALL THE TIME! I wore sweaters in the summer, or little cardigans. Nothing prepared me for the heat flashes of pregnancy, or the fact that in the dead of winter I would be throwing the covers off due to my increased heat sensitivity.

I figured once I had Sunshine that I would not have this continued warmth and would go back to my normal, “really cold” state. Not sure what this means now. I read that it could be 1) lower than normal progesterone levels 2) early menopause or 3) I’m pregnant. Not sure about any of these, but I am going to need to go get checked out because this is just not normal.  At least, it wasn’t normal before. But I sure as heck hope this is not my “new normal” since having a baby.

Sigh. I hear Sunshine still talking in her sleep and thrashing about… Not sure what has her riled up in her sleep either. Wonder if my touch of heart burn right now has passed on to her in the breast milk? Will go see how I can sooth her, or neither of us will be much good tomorrow, er…uh. Today.

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