“Mouse Twitchy”????

My mother has been visiting a lot lately. We have been visiting my mother as well.

My mother enjoys playing with her only grandchild and I have caught her doing this little game with Sunshine.

She holds her hand up in the air and waggles her fingers open and closed saying “Mouse twitchy, mouse twitchy, mouse twitchy” and slowly zooms down to Sunshine’s belly. Then she says “Mouse in your house” and tickles Sunshine’s belly. Never heard of this before, though my mother said she did this with me. Mike and I have been laughing so hard about this, and yet… it does seem to entrance Sunshine and get her attention. Distracts her a bit and keeps her from getting to fussy.

I think, “Hey, whatever works. Right?”

So, more power to ya mom!! Sounds kinda funny when you are doing it, but I guess that is the point.  Hugs to you!

Maybe she got her inspiration from this??? It IS from her era… hehe

One thought on ““Mouse Twitchy”????

  1. My “Mouse” game is NOT the Soupy Sales thing – eee gads – that was weird. My game came from your grandpa Judd – and it is “Tweet Mousy,” with accompany hand and finger movements, ending up with “all in baby’s housie,” at which moment you tickle the tummy of the infant. I simply am passing on what has so freely been given to me. And yes, it works. Nanas can have special games as well as oddities.

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