A Daddy and his little girl…

I had to write this post.  You know, we all have issues with our spouses when we are going on little sleep. I count myself one of the very lucky women to have found a man who is incredibly sensitive and caring, and puts up with my $#*!. What is super special are the time that I overhear him in his conversations with Sunshine, and just how much she has us both wrapped around her little fingers.

Daddy and Sunshine camping

Even from this picture, you can see the cuteness even while they sleep when we were camping. I know how much he loves her, how hard he tries, especially when she is “mom-focused”, and how grateful I am when he comes home early so I can escape and go sing a few hours twice a week.

This was one of those moments last night where he and Sunshine were especially cute:

Bath time has become a family affair. We are pretty regimented in our “dinner-change-bath-story time-feed-bed” routine.  This has proven to work for us, and helps Sunshine get to bed pretty early so her mommy and daddy can actually socialize and hang out a bit together. (We tend to go slay Orcs on LOTR-Online, and I have to admit my husband is a very Handsome level 24 Man Captain, while I am just  a lame level 23 Hunter Elf).

Sigh. I digress.  The DOH (dear ‘ole hubby) was taking over the bath time while I got her night-clothes and diaper ready.  I had surreptitiously gotten 2 new bath toys (eco-friendly).

Little Dude and 'Seal of Approval'As you can see, one is a green sea turtle that is also a wash cloth/scrubby toy, and one is a white harbor seal. We were discussing what to name our little toys while giving Sunshine her bath.  We decided on either “Crush”  or “Little Dude” for the sea turtle, as the hubby and I LOVE the movie Finding Nemo.  While I was putting together her clothes I overheard the DOH speaking to Sunshine and playing with the stackable bowls that have holes in the bottoms, and trying to come up with a name for the seal.  It was really so sweet.  When I returned, Sunshine had this big goofy grin on her face, that totally reminds me of her father. The DOH looked up at me with the same grin and said triumphantly, “We came up with a name for the seal!”

I looked at them both, and said “Really! What is it?”

He had that cute mischievous grin, then looked at his daughter.  He showed me the label on the seal, “See. It says ‘Seal of Approval.”  And gave me a wink.

Seriously. Way. Too. Cute. I LOVE this man!

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