The Slow Grrrr…. of Progress…

She’s at it again, folks.  She has found her voice, and is using it.  What is funny is that Sunshine is growling at us for all sorts of things, then will go high-pitch-super-sonic sounding for new discoveries, when the turtle on her exersaucer looks at her funny, or when she gets super excited in the jumperoo. I am starting to wonder, “Are my ears bleeding?” Much to the detriment of the cat and dog, Sunshine has totally found interest in them. I believe the cats tail, or the dogs ears will be what prompts her to start crawling/walking/running.

Sunshine helping Daddy

Sunshine Helping Daddy

We have been struggling with her sleep as of late.  Trying to make sure she gets down for at least 2 naps, or a nap totaling at least 2.5 hours (like that ever happens).  Sunshine tends to take lots of 15 minute naps. She sleeps so much better at night if she gets good naps. If she rolls over and peeks to see that I am not there, she will then wake up completely.  However, if I am lying next to her, she is fine to peer under her eyelashes a bit to see I am still there, and snuggles back to sleep.  Doesn’t always happen, mind you. She is a glorious kid and is growing so quickly.  She has hit that “I’m distracted by EVERYTHING” process where it now takes me 3x as long to breastfeed her.  “Oh! Look. Squirrel!!!”  “Oh! Something shiny!” Also, at only five months she is fully entrenched into stranger anxiety. Although this is not supposed to occur for a few more months, as always, Sunshine has her own schedule.

So, I have been adopting a few more of the AP (attachment parenting) techniques in working with Sunshine.  She is happier if she is touching me in some way. Even if she is just holding on to a finger, or leaning on me.  Happy. As. A. Clam.  If I put her down to do something, not so happy.  Wakes up and finds I’m not there, full out terror.  So, in order for her to feel more secure and to let go at her own pace and not develop more anxiety (Lord knows she gets enough of that from me) then I will carry her around, and lay next to her when she sleeps.  We have been having her sleep in bed with us, because when she is not in our room she has night terrors.

Now, we thought of using the bassinet in her pac n’ play for her to sleep in next to my side of the bed. Then transition this away and around in the room as she gets more comfortable.  Last night was the first night, and let me tell you… I am tired, and she is going down for a nap soon!  We will see how this goes, how we will both learn.  Again, as always, Sunshine will create her own schedule and when and how she will get comfortable sleeping without us will be up to her.  The more confidence I give in her ability to choose that decision and not force my own decision on her will ultimately help her have confidence in her own choices down the line.

Sigh…More lack of sleep. With the arrival of new adventures and activities with Sunshine, it seems the remaining portion of my thyroid has not joined in the fun. This leads to less energy, not feeling well, and these terrible headaches that won’t go away and have been leading to more migraines. With the migraines, Sunshine and I just huddle up in bed for the better part of the day.  I am only writing on my blog when I can.  I am getting about 2-3 posts a week, depending on energy, time, and when Sunshine lets me. I am also writing on MU (Motherhood Uncovered) with a few other awesome ladies. For some reason the quality of my posts for that site are so much better than this one.  Perhaps this is the site where I publish what I can with the time I have, and for MU I have time to check the quality before it goes out?  So I guess this blog is the unrated “me” published musings of a new mommy, whereas the other site is a little more tame?  I will continue to write as my energy and Sunshine allows me. Hopefully in the coming weeks things will be resolved and I’ll get back to our regular posting schedule.

With that-  hugs and don’t forget to giggle!

2 thoughts on “The Slow Grrrr…. of Progress…

  1. My middle son slept in his carseat for his first four months because of severe reflux. We then transitioned to putting the carseat into the crib with him in it. I don’t think he actually slept in the crib alone for, well, 17 months! It was when I discovered I was pregnant with number 3 that I said, okay, enough of this no sleep crap and let him cry it out. It only took two nights and I cried right along with him, but the result was that I finally got to get a full night’s sleep again.

    Every parent has to do what works for them. However you can get the most sleep, go for it!

    I am doing about equal quality on my personal blog and the MU blog right now, but I haven’t been posting on the personal one nearly as much so that I could get enough posts in the queue for the new site. Just getting back to some quality stuff on my own! And another new post in MU tomorrow. So exciting!


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