It’s Raining Caterpillars!

Today was a Beautiful day in the PAC NW.  Sunshine and I went out to appreciate the beauty at NW TREK.

Dude. This hat?

Dude. This hat?

This was super special because 1) Sunshine slept a lot last night, and so did her mom. (SWEEETTT!)  2) Sunshine was happy despite the teething wars.  3) It was just peaceful and wonderful!!

Mt. Rainier, Bison, and lake at NW Trek

So, today I am sharing the pics of our adventures. It was lovely!  Plus, it was raining caterpillars!  How cool was that?!  Actually, not so cool. Some of these caterpillars were a little creepy.  I distinctly remember, as a child, getting bitten by a caterpillar that looked like these.  So, I chose NOT to pick them up.  My pictures aren’t the greatest.


So, while we saw bison, big kitties, bears, and woofs, with all the beautiful falls colors…. well, we just enjoyed our day.  I hope that you have had a beautiful day, and found something to smile at, giggle about, and hug!


Spiney Calipiter!

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