Mommy Language

With the arrival of Sunshine, I have developed a new vocabulary. Yeah, I know… most people develop “baby language.”  I, however seem to have developed a particular dialect.  While it’s admittedly a bit odd, many are fairly self-explanatory. It seems I have come up with a slew of word choices or descriptions for bodily functions. Why is this, do you think?

Angry Suck: (verb)  When Sunshine has her pacifier (or the boob) in her mouth and she is grumbling her discontent that it took you so dang long to do what she wanted.

Boobles: (noun) Another nickname for the boobs.

“Doin’ the Doo”:  Uh, yeah.  Making a poo.  

Fuss Fuss – (verb)  Rhymes with Gus Gus.  Yes, from Cinderella. When Sunshine is getting, what?  Fussy. 

Grumpapotamus: (verb) When Sunshine is super grumpy.  Yeah, speaks for itself.

Mao- (verb) Not Chinese based, but sounds like Mao, but I always thought of it like MOW, but pronounced like Mao. Definition: When Sunshine chews, with her gums (soon to be teeth), on my boob and growls at the same time.  This is funny. For now. 😦

Poot, Pootin, or Pootasaurus: (Noun, verb, Noun).  Dude, the kid has farted, or is making or has made a BIG doo-doo.  

Side B: (Noun) Depicts whatever breast is next after emptying out the first one.

That’s about it for now.  I expect I will develop more words as we go along.

Do you have any words that you’ve made up for your kids?

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