The Eye Candy Factor…

Okay, this is dedicated to my friend Elle, who stated she is having a bad week, or bad day.  She is not feeling well, and her little girl has the stomach flu.  (Not to long before everyone in the house will have it).

So, I dedicate today’s post to the simplicity of eye-candy.  Yeah.  You know about it. Everyone has a particular person they wouldn’t mind taking another look at. Many of these people are actors, singers, stars from when you were a kid. I count my husband as one of the hotties I like to take second looks at, but of course, there are others.

For the theme of eye-candy, we can admire the beauty that surrounds us, or is plastered on the interwebs, these days.  So, without much further ado…. these are some of my favorite cuties, and I hope that they cheer her up, or anyone else for that matter.


Hotness Factor- 10 in my book.  Whether its the eyes, the abs, or the accent… James McAvoy is delicious to watch! Unfortunately, not too many good pics out there of him. However, whatever he plays: a faun, a quadriplegic, super hero X-man, 18th century gentleman, or an assassin, he is hot! And he is great in all those films!!

James McAvoy


Okay. 3 words.

Joseph. Gordon. Levitt.

Joseph Gordon Levitt

What a cutie! Loved him in Inception and 50/50!

Okay…. Legolas.  He was super hot. I mean, how can you NOT like looking at an Elf?

Oops... not this elf.

Oops…Hehe. Not that elf.


I actually stopped watching CSI about the time his character was off’d. My favorite CSI Investigator to look at:

Gary Dourdan. Love those eyes!

Okay… and I have to admit… I have a thing for geeks. Or those guys who play geeks on t.v.  I adore Jim Parsons!

I will love him, hug him, and squeeze him and call him mine.

Heh.  How can you not love a genius who adores cats, is socially inept, and treats his mother like gold (well, somewhat)?

Okay, so these guys are not drop dead gorgeous, but they are on my cuteness list.  How can you not smile when these guys smile?  It is contagious.  So, tonight is Big Bang Theory…. might as well go watch it. I love a good laugh….and hope you do as well!  Enjoy your day and don’t forget to giggle.

One thought on “The Eye Candy Factor…

  1. Oh Heather, thank you so much for dedicating this to me! 🙂 And yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes to all the guys you metioned.Lol! I totally feel the same way about Jim Parsons. I just want to stick him in my pocket and take him wherever I go. 😀

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