A Day in the Life…

Today is a rainy day in the PacNW.  Totally normal for this time of year. Many people, including myself, start getting those seasonal blues at this time. Yet I feel a joyous sense of peace today.

The Family

My daughter, a.k.a. Sunshine, is just the most awesome. kid. ever! I know, I know… I am doing it already. I am one of those moms who thinks her kid is amazing and just can’t stop talking about her.  She is so Sunshiny today, too. Giggling at absolutely everything.  She jumps in her jumperoo…. and we bounce with her…. she just laughs! We have her work in her exersaucer (I know. Come on, really?  Work?)  and she giggles as she pops open the apple, finally gets that darn mouse in her mouth, and reaches for different shapes.

On top of that, there is the momentous tummy time in which she is now flipping herself over for, and turning herself around 360 degrees. She started doing this 3 days ago. Not crawling quite exactly, but it won’t be long. It’s like sensing the thunder storm before it hits. Then she gets upset with being on her tummy, and lets us know it.

The cat walks by, she laughs. The dog walks by, she laughs.  The dog farts, she laughs.  The tail comes periolously close to whaking her in the head….she laughs.  I bounce with her on the bed… she laughs. She started saying: “La la la.” and “Mam mam ma” on Monday Oct. 17 (though she hasn’t figured out that the mama is me yet, but we are working on that. 😉

She will be 6months old next week. She is closing in on 18 lbs and finally getting these cute chubby cheeks. Truth is, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. She is just such a personality and so much fun to be around.  I am constantly amazed by each thing she learns and does.  I was noticing that she is so good with her pacifier, and wondered when exactly this happened because she has been doing it for months.  It just goes by so quickly. She’s even learned to give little hugs.

So, I am having a fantastic time with Sunshine.  Sleep still not so great, but it will come. I hope everyone out there has a terrific weekend and takes time to laugh.  It is so needed these days.

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