Sickly and Slobber Puss

Sunshine computing

Here we are, on a Saturday night. Random post #62.  Today was spent really low key. Doing pretty much nothing. I actually enjoyed it… but I think The DOH is stressing about work.  It is what I used to do when I was working… any down time was taken up about stressing about what I could be doing, should be doing, could try and achieve, or crap that was TOTALLY out of my hands.

Honestly, I believe the whole work mentality there I got from my mother.  (Love ya mom, but it is way impossible for you to NOT do something, or anything and feel like you are accomplishing something worthwhile).  Me, I am coming to appreciate the downtime I have with Sunshine, and the not-so-down time as well. I am learning to just take things as they come, and appreciate my NOT having to do anything if I don’t need to. I guess my priorities have changed. I totally believed I would be a career mom. Maybe someday I will be. But not now.  Not anytime soon. I would like to contribute and help out financially, obviously. I would like the time to do more crafting and see if I could sell some of the items I have made. I would like to still volunteer and work with people.  I am content, however, with just focusing on Sunshine for now. I learn from her.  She teaches me a lot each day.

Like right now, for instance.  Mike is holding her on his lap while he types, and she is inserting her own spaces and letters as he goes.  He is chatting with his sister online currently, but Sunshine LOVES that space bar.  She is also not feeling great and has refused any solid foods today.  Only the boob people. As she has the flu, that pretty much meant that she wanted to be attached all day to the orb… She knows what she wants already and is a pretty smart kid.

Otherwise… The DOH and I played Lord of the Rings Online.  (Yeah, I am a total geek, but I love to play, The DOH and I can do this together, and it is free.  As we are low on the funds right now, this is great fun for us to do together).

So, as we tackle her first illness, and the first tooth coming in at the same time…. please keep us in your prayers.  (For sanity, and luck for getting some sleep). Its been a rough ride the past few weeks, and I am beyond sleep deprived. I just want her to feel better, and for her to get back to her normal gregarious self.

Hugs to all and don’t forget to giggle.

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