To all my blogging Peeps…

I'm lookin' at you! Oh! Shiny object.

It has been a week. I know. I. Am. Lame. Sigh.
However, I have plans for a whole new set of fun things to write this week. One for Turkey day, of course. All the things I am thankful for.
One about lame-ass Lexus drivers. (Yeah, you know who you are! Asshats)
One about two books I have finished for my fun reading challenge. (And one book I have been attempting, and is incredibly difficult to finish being a mommy and having the attention span of a squirrel. Ohh! are those my nuts? Shiny object.)
Where was I? I am already being paged by the husband…. never enough time to actually sit down and collect myself to write something. (Bah! and he expects me to write a frickin book. Yeah right!)
Well…. I have plans, peeps. Plans. (and it’s not to stick you in a microwave and watch you turn into funny shapes. Ever do that to a peep? Funny stuff man)

Okay, I digress. With the fallout from the pre-concert week, little sleep, fighting off that damn cold my hubby brought home, I spend the majority of the week sleeping whenever I could. Still got the cold, but was able to make it go away in about 2-3 days, or at least to the point I could reach my stratousphere notes for my concert, and didn’t bother trying to gravel out the low notes, as those were seriously depleted by phlegm.
Enough about my icky cold… I am off to the book club this evening with Sunshine and the girls. I promised I would share those two books I read, and I am going to do it!! Woot.
Now, where is that darn lorazepam?…. see you in a bit fellow readers!

One thought on “To all my blogging Peeps…

  1. Heather, you are so funny and I hate Lexus fools also, well hate is a strong word, but really. Who needs to drive jewelry. I saw that Friends of the Library had their sale and I looked at the picture trying to locate you. Couldn’t do it. All of your “I AM” statements are great. You are unique and you are very funny indeed. Take care of your nuts and other shiny things. Hello to Michael and Sunshine.

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