Thirty Ways I’m Thankful

What are you thankful for? With the holidays fast approaching, I have begun to think a lot of about the gifts and blessings I have. My husband and I have decided to not give gifts this year, and to ask other family members to give to those who do not have much this holiday season. We are so grateful for what we have and want to share what little we have and give to others.

So with Thanksgiving in our hearts and minds, here are thirty wonderful things in my life (cause face it folks there are thousands of things I am grateful for). In no particular order…

I am grateful for:

  1. My life. There was a time when I wished I didn’t live, and attempted to end my life. Look at what I would have missed!!
  2. My husband. For the time we have together, the time we have apart where I miss him and want him home, and for giving me the beautiful gift of Sunshine in our life. For our giggles, hallway rendezvous, couch bouncing, LOTRO playing, and Sunshine snuggling. You are the blessing in my life.
  3. Sunshine. Even when its cloudy, its Sunny with Sunshine. She is the blessing, the gift we despaired we would never get to have. She is the personality that is developing before our eyes. Wow!! What an amazing little person she is becoming. What opinions she has already!
  4. Having a carpool buddy in the car. All the time now!!! Yay! (If you lived in the Puget Sound, a trip that would take 45 mins with a carpool buddy could take you 2 hours without one). Got to appreciate the little things!
  5. Staying at home. My husband works hard, and because of that I am able to stay at home with our little one. (Thank you hubby!!)
  6. Having a home over our heads. I know people who do not have a home.  I may not always like my home, or where it is at, but we have a home.
  7. Food on my table. Even though I may not cook very well, I am grateful for the food we do have and will remind myself to not be wasteful.
  8. Being able to breastfeed. We didn’t even know if I would be able to breastfeed at all, let alone 2 weeks, 2 months, or 6 months. I am so grateful that I can give this to my daughter.
  9. Chai. Okay, I know its tea… but sometimes very needed and oh! So yummy!
  10. For access to computers and the internet, so I can write my blog. Did you know that only 30% of the world’s population has access to and uses the internet?
  11. My pets. My cat and dog are special little gifts. (Even better when they don’t leave little gifts) They are great snugglers, great protectors, and loyal pets.
  12. Living in a country where I am not persecuted for my beliefs, and am allowed to study whatever I want to study, worship how I would like to worship, and sing whatever I love to sing. (I may not be happy with how our country is being run, but I am grateful for the freedom I have).
  13. Giggles. Laughter. It just makes me happy. Sunshine has lots of giggles, so therefore I am happy a lot.
  14. Sleep. “Oh boy! Sleep. That’s where I’m a viking.” (hehe) I love sleep, but don’t always get very much of it… when I do, I am so grateful!!
  15. Unique people. Man, would the world be boring if everyone was the same. The more different you are, the more beautiful the world is!
  16. The ability to read. I am lucky that I learned to read. At first I was a late bloomer, but when I finally learned, I loved it. The written word is amazing, and my imagination takes flight when I read.
  17. For having everything I really need. There may be things I would like to have or want, but in reality I have everything I need.
  18. Cookie dough. I love cookie dough.
  19. Thankful that my kid hasn’t discovered flour. Yet. (Kids giving mom flowers, er… Flour. )
  20. Thankful for my families health. Though we are not out of the woods, we are pretty healthy and happy.
  21. Thankful for my mental health. I have to admit, I am doing pretty good. Knock. On. Wood.
  22. Thankful for bath times. Yes, I have fun with Sunshine during her bath times, but my bath times are when I can relax, decompress, read, and just be quiet for a bit (be it with our without bubbles, I take my bathes pretty damn seriously  just wish we had a bigger, deeper tub).
  23. The Muppets. Enough said.
  24. Music and singing. Keeps me sane.
  25. All the family and friends that we love and that love us.
  26. The service men and women. Police, firemen, and EMT’s as well. You help give us our freedom and safety, and protect us at home, from others, and from ourselves.
  27. The Big Bang Theory. Love that show! It is a time where I actually cackle out loud.
  28. That I am strong and am a survivor.
  29. LOTRO time with my hubby, and sometimes the Sunshine Hacker.
  30. My ability to adapt to change in life and thrive.

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