Movin’ and Groovin’

That’s right, folks!  Sunshine is crawling. She is slow going on the carpet, but she is really moving on the wood floor. She is ingenious! She figured out doing this funny butt skootch with one leg crossed and the other leg bent in the crawling direction and only uses her foot on the wood floor so she can slide mighty quick on that crossed leg.  In fact, she surprised the dog!

The dog was nicely chewing on her little soccer ball toy, and the next thing she knows is Sunshine is right up beside her and pilfers her ball.  Sunshine sits and does her little toss thing-a-ma-jig that oddly looks like her folding laundry technique (which is really unfolding and sorting to her standards all the laundry I had previously folded).  The dog looks at me with these pleading eyes and then stares at Sunshine.  Funny thing, though. The minute Nalani (the dog) sees Sunshine looking in another direction or distracted for just a few moments… the dog sneaks up, and so quietly and gingerly steals her ball back.  It was so funny!! Sunshine turns around, and the ball is gone! Oh well. Off to move across the floor.

What is funny is that I can’t sit on the floor with her when she is trying to crawl. She scootches up next to me and then proceeds to use me to stand. If I am anywhere near her, she uses me to stand herself up, and then proceeds to try to walk around me, while holding on to me.  Not always so successful. She is pulling herself up using other items, but is not quite adept at this yet.

She is practicing saying “mama” and “dada” more, but says “Guh” for dog, cat, and tigger.  She also sings along with the “ABC” song, but its in her own Sunshiney language. She waves good-bye about half the time now. Mostly to people she knows really well. She has little tantrums when we don’t do what she was trying to get us to do. She refuses to let us feed her with a spoon now, only if she can feed herself. I have  gotten her to eat some items with the spoon while she is feeding herself at the same time. Also, her dad does this fun dance that makes her laugh and smile and I can get some food in that way. Otherwise, she clamps her mouth shut and refuses to open it. I am still nursing so she is still getting plenty of other food to eat.

So, needless to say, this weekend we will need to safety proof all the things we haven’t safety proofed in the house. Could be a bit of work. When they said 7 and 8 months were the real big growth and learning months, they weren’t kidding.  On top of that, in the past week, Sunshine has acquired her first 4 teeth. That means less sleep for us, but she is excited about getting to chew on new things. (This means letting her chew on things other than her parents, as those little teeth hurt!!)  Well… I am going to go save her. She has cornered herself under the futon and hasn’t figured out how to turn around quite yet.

Fun and giggles to all! Don’t forget to laugh today!

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