I was observing my daughter and was reminded of the game… Whack-a-mole? Or Wac-a-mole? I have seen it spelled both ways.  Maybe (fortunately) it’s best that there are no mallets involved in our version of the “game” as the whacking to which I’ve been introduced, in all it’s onomatopoeiac glory, is that of little Sunshine kid hands hitting my face fairly well.

Who knew an almost 9 month old kid could hit so hard?

It must be that point in Sunshine’s life where the whacking, thwacking, and kicking of Mom is fun. Yes, she has taken her hand reached out and “whacked” other kids on the face too… but she seems to find the most enjoyment in doing this to Mom.  Perhaps this is because I don’t immediately burst into tears or look at her with confusion as to why she just hit me in the face.  (Note to self:  Consider crying as a response going forward.)  She is developing her fine motor skills and *thwack*…learning to try to grab Mom’s nose. *whack* ..ahah, she just missed. She is learning to pet the dog and cat politely, using an open hand instead of just grabbing them with both hands full and securing a clump of their fur as her prize. Oooo! Mom’s hair! *thwack* Another miss. She gets so dang excited about things she sees or does, and thwack, kick, boom…. slams her head into her moms nose, forehead, collarbone. Surprised she doesn’t have any bruises yet. Surprised I don’t have a broken nose yet.

Sunshine was sitting in her pack-n-play, wait… scratch that. She was STANDING in her pack-n-play. I would press my face against the mesh side (which surprisingly reminds me of fish net stockings aside from the tough mesh marks it makes on my face). Sunshine would try to grab my nose and then I would move and peek at her from above the top of the pack-n-play. She would giggle and laugh and we would do this over and over. This of course changed as she got more tired, would bounce or jump up and down and either hit my nose with her head, or reach for my nose… thwack it with her hand, lose her balance and thus fall backwards. (Little sleep makes Sunshine not a happy girl and she doesn’t handle falling as easily. Little sleep makes her a sore loser when she doesn’t get what she wants, or she gets frustrated a lot more easily).

It is so much fun to watch her giggle… but man does she pack a punch. I feel like one of those inflatable dolls (get your minds out of the gutter people!) that just gets pushed and pounced on and then springs back into place. I really feel like those poor moles that get whacked with a mallet and then come back for more. What are we thinking, moles?!!! Whether it is lounging in bed, rolling on the floor, or whatnot… it seems the funnest thing in Sunshine’s day is smacking her mom upside the head. Sigh. I will be sooooo happy when she grows out of this phase!

Until then, more whacking (in whatever form you choose), laughing and whatnot for your day!!

3 thoughts on “Whack-a-mom

    • That is hilarious, Elle. My mind didn’t go there, and usually I am one of the first to make things pervy. Haha…. Good fun though!! The cat has learned, already, to give Sunshine a WIDE berth when go around her… she has lost clumps of hair already. And been pushed into the bath tub of water. Oops.

  1. The little hummingbird still loves to whack me in the face and boobs. She thinks it’s the funniest thing. When you mentioned Sunshine and the pets I almost peed myself because I completely forgot when my daughter used to grab our cat with both hands and then lean over and have gobs of drool running onto our cat.

    Once she let go, the cat would be wet and the hummingbird’s hands would be furry. 😉

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