How we know she is our kid…

This was written a month or so ago, and I never got a chance to post it.


In just a few days Sunshine will be 1!!!

The verdict is still out on who she looks more like; me or my husband.  Depends who you ask really. We recently compared baby pictures of each of us at our 1st birthdays. It is pretty funny. Her daddy had a long face and really white light blond straight hair. He has these deep blue eyes and funny grin. We both had 4 teeth at our first birthdays. I have blue/gray/green eyes depending on what I wear, but they have a dark blue ring around the iris. My hair at that age was a strawberry blond, curly,  and I had lots of it.

In our opinion, and since we are her parents our opinions count the most, Sunshine has her dads straight hair and dark blue eyes. She has my hair color and a fair amount more hair than her dad had, but not as much as I had. She has my dark ring around her iris…and my round face. In fact I found a pic of me where i thought it was her until i noticed the curls.
When it comes to the rest of our brilliant kid… She has my brothers nose and my long torso and short legs. Sigh… I hope she grows into those legs. Would hate for her to be vertically challenged like me. She sticks her tongue out, like I do, when concentrating and she scrunches up her nose when getting into mischief and she graces you with a smile. She hums when I sing, and LOVES to play her daddy’s guitar with him. She said “dah dah” first and the most clearly. She looks for him during the day and stills asks “dah dah?” with a question while at work. She started walking at 11months, or at least taking her first steps. The full on run/walk didn’t happen until 2 weeks later.
She can become so focused, like her dad, when doing a task. She tunes everything out just like he does. You can’t distract her from her object of focus. She is a little fire cracker and has opinions on lots of things. This is not so much her cool, calm dad, but my “spitefireness”  (yes, I know that’s not a word). She had 6 teeth at her first birthday, and two more have been working their way in.

She is this perfect amalgam of both of us. That is why we want another. Hopefully a boy. Whatever we have, we will be so excited to see what qualities of us come together to form that little being too! For now… We will enjoy the gift of Sunshine and bask in her rays of learning and cuddling.

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