I was observing my daughter and was reminded of the game… Whack-a-mole? Or Wac-a-mole? I have seen it spelled both ways.  Maybe (fortunately) it’s best that there are no mallets involved in our version of the “game” as the whacking to which I’ve been introduced, in all it’s onomatopoeiac glory, is that of little Sunshine kid hands hitting my face fairly well.

Who knew an almost 9 month old kid could hit so hard?

It must be that point in Sunshine’s life where the whacking, thwacking, and kicking of Mom is fun. Yes, she has taken her hand reached out and “whacked” other kids on the face too… but she seems to find the most enjoyment in doing this to Mom.  Perhaps this is because I don’t immediately burst into tears or look at her with confusion as to why she just hit me in the face.  (Note to self:  Consider crying as a response going forward.)  She is developing her fine motor skills and *thwack*…learning to try to grab Mom’s nose. *whack* ..ahah, she just missed. She is learning to pet the dog and cat politely, using an open hand instead of just grabbing them with both hands full and securing a clump of their fur as her prize. Oooo! Mom’s hair! *thwack* Another miss. She gets so dang excited about things she sees or does, and thwack, kick, boom…. slams her head into her moms nose, forehead, collarbone. Surprised she doesn’t have any bruises yet. Surprised I don’t have a broken nose yet.

Sunshine was sitting in her pack-n-play, wait… scratch that. She was STANDING in her pack-n-play. I would press my face against the mesh side (which surprisingly reminds me of fish net stockings aside from the tough mesh marks it makes on my face). Sunshine would try to grab my nose and then I would move and peek at her from above the top of the pack-n-play. She would giggle and laugh and we would do this over and over. This of course changed as she got more tired, would bounce or jump up and down and either hit my nose with her head, or reach for my nose… thwack it with her hand, lose her balance and thus fall backwards. (Little sleep makes Sunshine not a happy girl and she doesn’t handle falling as easily. Little sleep makes her a sore loser when she doesn’t get what she wants, or she gets frustrated a lot more easily).

It is so much fun to watch her giggle… but man does she pack a punch. I feel like one of those inflatable dolls (get your minds out of the gutter people!) that just gets pushed and pounced on and then springs back into place. I really feel like those poor moles that get whacked with a mallet and then come back for more. What are we thinking, moles?!!! Whether it is lounging in bed, rolling on the floor, or whatnot… it seems the funnest thing in Sunshine’s day is smacking her mom upside the head. Sigh. I will be sooooo happy when she grows out of this phase!

Until then, more whacking (in whatever form you choose), laughing and whatnot for your day!!

When it rains…

It pours.  Yeah, I know. Currently in the great PacNW it is snowing, and you know what that means?!!  Two inches of snow and the state goes down in “emergency lock down” mode. Government agencies, schools, colleges and the like all shut down.  Two inches folks!  Plus, we make national news for those lame two inches because of all the Wuck Fads out there that can’t drive in said snow.  Thus, I stay home and stay safe, out of the asshat drivers way.

So, when it rains, it pours.  (or in this case, it snows).  This is my life right now. 

Before Sunshine, I never batted an eyelash regarding returning to work after having a baby. It was a foregone conclusion.

Here I sit, eight months in with a beautiful little girl, and I haven’t gone back. On the one day (Seriously, only one day) that I felt like “Man, I need to be doing something else. I need to have a life besides just being a mommy,” I ended up applying for two different jobs that happened to pop up and that I would totally have wanted and enjoyed doing.  I still feel I would enjoy these jobs… but I have changed. My goals professionally may be the same, but an added factor has taken priority and really is more important to me right now than pursuing this professional career. Who knew having a kid would change a person? I still am involved in a semi-professional choir (who happens to be the Chorus for a Broadway musical coming to our area!). I still am involved in disability advocacy work, though in  a much more limited fashion. I still love to read, to write, and to help others. But my focus was changed forever when Sunshine came along.

It is hard hanging around my friends who have gone back to work (especially the ones who never  ask me what I’ve been up to because obviously  since I am at home there is nothing new happening in my life. So they never ask, and go on talking about their work lives and so on. It’s like I don’t share anything in common with them anymore because I am not working but staying at home and being a mom. I’m treated as if I have nothing to contribute to their discussions). I have begun to find others who share the work life I currently have and share my day-to-day trials of being a SAHM. My old friends will always be there, but for my own sanity it is good to have people to talk to about what I go through during the day.

Sigh. I digress.  I have learned that with change comes decisions. Some big and some small.  I didn’t fully put my heart into applying for those jobs, but guess what? When you don’t truly want something, it comes along and offers you a chance.  Now you are forced to decide between something you could want, and what your heart is telling you to accept. Yep.  Both jobs I was called in to interview for.  In this tough economy, I think this is great and this means my resume rocks!! I actually didn’t go to one interview because realistically, driving 1 1/2 hours to work, ONE WAY, would totally bite the big one. And this is on good days of traffic in the Puget Sound.  Not. Going. To happen.

The other position, well… I have been in for not one, but two interviews. It is down to me and one other person.  I could totally do this job and it is temporary.  Only an 11 month position to go in and clean house for the disability services department at a local community college that is only about 10 minutes away from where we live. SWEET!!!!  I thought it was the perfect situation because they have a onsight day care so I could continue nursing and visit when I needed to.  A sign of the times, however, as they lost funding for the 1 month-12 month infant program, and thus cannot take Sunshine until she is one year old.  This is the status of a lot of day cares in the area.  She is 8 1/2 months old right now.  That means trying to find a place that could take her for 3 months.

I hate to say this folks… but it is not looking good.  I love my kid, as so many parents love their children.  I grew up with my own past issues of being left with people I didn’t know countless times as my mom had to travel down to Sacramento or San Fran when my brother was in the hospital for whatever reason at the time. I was left with a grandfather who was a pedophile and we don’t need to go into details there.  We know what happened.  So, I have trust issues with my own family let alone trusting complete strangers.  I want my daughter near me. I want to continue to watch her grow and see as much of it as possible. I do NOT want someone else to tell me she walked for the first time, or said a new word.  I want to BE THERE for those milestones. I am not able to leave her just yet. I am not able to let go when she clings so much to me as she learns new things.

Would it be different if the day care actually did take Sunshine? Would I be able to say yes?  I probably could.  This job would get us out of the “red” financially.  I am lucky to have a hubby who supports me no matter what.  He is reluctant to truly say what he thinks I should do, but then again, neither of us have an answer as to what to do for the 3 months before Sunshine could go to the college’s daycare.  We have lots of friends that returned to work, but their family members are caring for their kids.  We do not have family nearby to take care of Sunshine.

So it is down to this: Anyone have any ideas as to what we should do for daycare? Anyone have any advice as to what I should say if offered the job?

Movin’ and Groovin’

That’s right, folks!  Sunshine is crawling. She is slow going on the carpet, but she is really moving on the wood floor. She is ingenious! She figured out doing this funny butt skootch with one leg crossed and the other leg bent in the crawling direction and only uses her foot on the wood floor so she can slide mighty quick on that crossed leg.  In fact, she surprised the dog!

The dog was nicely chewing on her little soccer ball toy, and the next thing she knows is Sunshine is right up beside her and pilfers her ball.  Sunshine sits and does her little toss thing-a-ma-jig that oddly looks like her folding laundry technique (which is really unfolding and sorting to her standards all the laundry I had previously folded).  The dog looks at me with these pleading eyes and then stares at Sunshine.  Funny thing, though. The minute Nalani (the dog) sees Sunshine looking in another direction or distracted for just a few moments… the dog sneaks up, and so quietly and gingerly steals her ball back.  It was so funny!! Sunshine turns around, and the ball is gone! Oh well. Off to move across the floor.

What is funny is that I can’t sit on the floor with her when she is trying to crawl. She scootches up next to me and then proceeds to use me to stand. If I am anywhere near her, she uses me to stand herself up, and then proceeds to try to walk around me, while holding on to me.  Not always so successful. She is pulling herself up using other items, but is not quite adept at this yet.

She is practicing saying “mama” and “dada” more, but says “Guh” for dog, cat, and tigger.  She also sings along with the “ABC” song, but its in her own Sunshiney language. She waves good-bye about half the time now. Mostly to people she knows really well. She has little tantrums when we don’t do what she was trying to get us to do. She refuses to let us feed her with a spoon now, only if she can feed herself. I have  gotten her to eat some items with the spoon while she is feeding herself at the same time. Also, her dad does this fun dance that makes her laugh and smile and I can get some food in that way. Otherwise, she clamps her mouth shut and refuses to open it. I am still nursing so she is still getting plenty of other food to eat.

So, needless to say, this weekend we will need to safety proof all the things we haven’t safety proofed in the house. Could be a bit of work. When they said 7 and 8 months were the real big growth and learning months, they weren’t kidding.  On top of that, in the past week, Sunshine has acquired her first 4 teeth. That means less sleep for us, but she is excited about getting to chew on new things. (This means letting her chew on things other than her parents, as those little teeth hurt!!)  Well… I am going to go save her. She has cornered herself under the futon and hasn’t figured out how to turn around quite yet.

Fun and giggles to all! Don’t forget to laugh today!

Love Bites!


Nope. Not a Def Leopard song.  Sorry. Though that is from my childhood era and I do like Def Leopard.  Hmmm… I shall hum this to myself as I write. Perhaps it will help.

I loved my daughter long before today. Way before she quickly entered our world. More like the first moment I found out we were pregnant and felt her kick. (She kicked A LOT throughout the pregnancy and it reminds me of that commercial for March of Dimes. She was exactly like that!)March of Dimes Soccer Commercial

This moment in her life was expected though. I knew it would happen eventually, but the feeling when it actually did occur still surprised me. Today is Sunshine’s 8 month birthday.  Amazing how time has flown by. With the big 8 months came her first two teeth this morning. Thank God!!! We were despairing this whole teething thing would never end. Well, it doesn’t really end, but I have heard from many that it gets easier after the first ones come in. Here is hoping, and praying!!

So, when Sunshine took a bit of a bite of the boob this morning (say that 3 times fast), her little teeth that are so unsuspecting to even cause pain as they are just erupting… Well. Damn. That hurt! They are barely there, but you can feel the little sharpness of new teeth and surprisingly they pack a punch, or bit a bit too much for this mommy’s orbs.

I let out a yelp, and “Ow! That hurt mommy!” and Sunshine looks up to me and gives me a huge heart melting grin. I try so hard to still look upset, which isn’t too hard as the sting has not gone away from the tender boob. It is so difficult to make sure she knows that hurt, and not expect her to do it again. She is crawling all over me, lifting herself up to standing and then face-planting her head into my cleavage. She looks up at me again, and she is just glowing with mirth.

So here is what I was thinking at this moment: Hmm… should I apply ice to said orb? Would that Orajel stuff work on the boob? Man… how could those little teeth, only peeking through, cause so much pain? Frick! Okay. Stay calm. She wants to maul the other boob. Should I do it? Hmmm….

Can you resist this face?

“I have mauled your boob. It was fun. I shall do it again!!”

She is hurting, the little tears have subsided a little, but all she wants is sustenance that only the Orbs can provide.

Okay, Sunshine. I will give you the orb if you promise not to bite. Okay sweetie?! Okay.

“Ouch. Damn! That HURTS!

A pot, Nazgul, and Sunshine

Kinda odd having the Nazgul reference, but believe me… the sounds emanating from Sunshine right now are very reminiscent of Middle Earth Ring-Wraiths.  I think she would do Tolkien very proud. (or at least Steven Jackson would be impressed).

You see, Sunshine is growing leaps and bounds. She has enjoyed playing with pots and pans. She enjoys pounding on the piano at Grandma’s. She is doing this cute bouncy dance when music comes on. She says “ma-ma-ma” and holds up her arms to be picked up. She loves to stand up, and can do so for a few seconds on her own (but is leaning on us or using us to self-correct). She uses other items in her hands to bring ones too far away closer to her.  She butt scooches, but doesn’t crawl as she still doesn’t like being on her tummy. It is very impressive to say the least.

Over the last two days she has taken to screeching at very odd decibel levels.  At least they are higher than the supersonic ones she uses when very upset. Nope.  This is a happy baby experimenting with yet another sound level that she creates (aside from her lower flatulent sounds, and lyric cackle).

She has this goofy grin pasted to her face as she looks up to you, and then belts it out.  Here.  I will show you a comparison and you can decide for yourself:

Cute baby practicing super sounding screeches? Or Nazgul, Ring Wraith type disguised in the ultra cute wrappings of a seven month old?

You decide.