Too Clean? Or Not to Clean?

Get it?  Too clean, or not to clean? Heh… Shakespeare and adverbs. Gotta love it.

So, I have been super stuck on what to write. I haven’t been writing the past month for a host of reasons. I shall not trouble you here with said reasons.  I have something to contribute, I promise. Eventually I will come up with something witty to say. I will let you know when that happens. (heh)

Listening to carols on the radio while Sunshine does her little bounce in the Exersaucer, I am reminded that I need to clean to prepare for our visitors. With Christmas about to arrive, along with family members from far and further, well… I have been trying to clean. It is hard to do this when most of my living room sits in the kitchen and we are still putting the finishing touches on flooring and painting.

I have been chasing dust bunnies, dust rhinos, and dust elephants throughout the house like a sheep dog herding sheep. Seriously, I am the queen of dust bunnies, and we seem to be safely protecting them in hidden crevices throughout the house until they are shipped off somewhere else to procreate. I have difficulty in remaining organized most of the time. I organize by putting things in piles at home. (Why is it at work I would be able to organize so much better, but at home I am super overwhelmed by things and can’t seem to find my keys, or identify an apple from an acorn for that matter).

With that, I have a question. How are your kids immune systems? I have researched and read many blogs on cleaning while using safe substances. I’ve also read similar articles on having a home that is too clean because children won’t develop the immunity to fend off colds. What is too dirty or too clean exactly?

Well, we don’t have the too clean problem here. Granted, we don’t have a really dirty house. Probably just dusty. We have lots of dust. We have a dog, and a cat (who is indoor only). Our furnace hasn’t been cleaned lately and so it just blows the dust around. I am allergic to cats and dogs (but only mildly). However, when the furnace comes on my nose starts to hurt as well as my sinuses. When you think about whats in the dust, then yeah you probably would say our house is dirty. What I do know is that so far, Sunshine is almost 8 months old and though her parents have gotten sick, and I am fighting off a cold now, she has not gotten sick yet. (Knock on the proverbial wood).  I have thought that she was sick, but turned out it was just teething or still fighting this UTI that she has.

So what I am curious about it whether she is doing so well because of our not completely pristine environment? Or is it perhaps because she is still nursing? Perhaps its a combo of the two? She does tend to stick anything in her mouth as she is teething, so I am surprised she has not caught a cold or something. I am not worrying about cleaning too much. No extra stress needed. I am having a time just trying to figure out what to make for side dishes for Christmas day.

With that, I send my holiday greetings and well wishes to you all. May you have a blessed holiday, whatever way you celebrate. And don’t worry too much about having the house pristine for family. Save the dust bunnies. Or adopt this t-shirt to show your support of them.

If your family or friends require a pristine environment, perhaps they can go to a hotel!  Hmmm… did I just say something witty? Damn. I will have to try again. (Though I have heard some grotesque things about the germs and things found in hotels. Perhaps not a good idea).

Currently Sunshine has rolled herself under the futon, so I best finish up and go get her.  Best Wishes and Giggles to all!

A pot, Nazgul, and Sunshine

Kinda odd having the Nazgul reference, but believe me… the sounds emanating from Sunshine right now are very reminiscent of Middle Earth Ring-Wraiths.  I think she would do Tolkien very proud. (or at least Steven Jackson would be impressed).

You see, Sunshine is growing leaps and bounds. She has enjoyed playing with pots and pans. She enjoys pounding on the piano at Grandma’s. She is doing this cute bouncy dance when music comes on. She says “ma-ma-ma” and holds up her arms to be picked up. She loves to stand up, and can do so for a few seconds on her own (but is leaning on us or using us to self-correct). She uses other items in her hands to bring ones too far away closer to her.  She butt scooches, but doesn’t crawl as she still doesn’t like being on her tummy. It is very impressive to say the least.

Over the last two days she has taken to screeching at very odd decibel levels.  At least they are higher than the supersonic ones she uses when very upset. Nope.  This is a happy baby experimenting with yet another sound level that she creates (aside from her lower flatulent sounds, and lyric cackle).

She has this goofy grin pasted to her face as she looks up to you, and then belts it out.  Here.  I will show you a comparison and you can decide for yourself:

Cute baby practicing super sounding screeches? Or Nazgul, Ring Wraith type disguised in the ultra cute wrappings of a seven month old?

You decide.