Sneaky Burgers…

The first Sneaky CreationOkay. So on to last evening. My friend introduced me to the most amazing brownies I had ever had.(Thank you, Jenny!!) And you know what?? They are sneaky chef brownies and have good things in them!! Wow! I thought, I want to make these.  Rarely do I get excited about cooking anything anymore, but this had me interested.  So, I went and got some of the sneaky chef cook books and last night made my first meal.  (Not complete, as Sunshine only permitted me a bit of time to do it, and my hubby ended up doing the puree for me so I could finish the rest). So, it wasn’t necessarily so sneaky with hubby in the know about what was going into it, but the Barbell Burgers turned out okay.

Now, “okay” for me means something totally different to Mike, aka hubby.  When I asked him what he thought, he said “He didn’t like that the burger was crumbling,” and that he “didn’t like the condiments he put on the burger.”  Now, granted I had no fault on the condiment issue, other than I never got around to making the sauce that actually goes quite well on said burgers. The crumbly part, again… I know what I did wrong (added to much oats), and can correct it.  But the man didn’t say anything positive to me. Nothing. Like, “It was a good first try,” or “It’s creative,” or “I can’t even taste the blueberries or spinach in it.”  Nope, he just said what he didn’t like about it.

He and I spoke about this tonight. Saying what he did, doesn’t make me wish to try and cook again when all there is are bad comments, nothing nice. He said, tonight mind you, that he “Appreciated the effort.” Yeah, Sure. He has a rather “rich” palate, and enjoys things very spicy, or lots of flavor. His spicy rating is always 5 star, and this is not the “white version” of 5 star, but the Asian or Indian version of 5-star. Picture sweat pouring down face, under the eyes and nose. This makes Mike a happy camper. The burger I made would be bland to him, but it was healthier than what he usually eats.

So, this is what I figured. I am making the meals for me and Sunshine. If he wishes to partake in them, he is free to do so. If he doesn’t like it, tough. I will do what I need to do to make healthy dishes for us. If he doesn’t wish to eat it, that will be his shtick. I will fix things that need to be fixed, and try things over and over to get them right… but not for him. I don’t think I will ever make something that he actually says “I enjoyed that” or “Wow, that was yummy.” I am not going to wait around for a pig to fly either. I am going to cook for me. I think the food will taste much better this way, and well… heck. I should have done this a long time ago. Simple meals, to try and create with a little one in my arms is not going to happen always, but I will make every effort to do what I can with the time that I have.

So, I will be sneaky with my food. I will create what masterpieces I can, and share what I learn. Even though it was crumbly, I still thought the burger tasted pretty good. Just means there will be more left over for others!  Just an FYI- with my burgers, I used a George Forman grill to get rid of extra fat, and we didn’t grill the onions, but I recommend doing that and using the Perfect Pesto sauce for the condiments.

So, cook something yummy for yourself and don’t forget to giggle. Lord knows I need to practice this!

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