Sneaky Chocolate Cake…

Okay…. I love chocolate, and my husband really does too! He likes chocolate stout, chocolate milkshakes, and chocolate cake!

So, for his birthday I decided to make him a Sneaky Chocolate cake.  I prayed it would turn out good, and well… it was so good that I didn’t even get a picture of it!! I will just have to make it again and get a picture that time 😉

What I did a little differently, I used regular chocolate icing from the store, as I haven’t mastered all the purees yet. I also used Nutella for the middle, just a thin layer, and sliced strawberries would be good as well.  For the actual cake, mix in the Purple puree with the store bought cake mix. I baked it for 33-36 minutes and it was perfect. Some other ideas, put a little hazelnut or almond extract into it. That would taste good too! Or mix peppermint or mint extract in the frosting. I don’t know the exact amounts and haven’t tried this, but once I try it I will let you know. You want a hint, not overwhelming flavor. Don’t want it to take away from the cake!!

So, once I make this again, I will post a picture and you can let me know what you think of the recipe. I finally got a positive comment from my husband who enjoyed the cake, as well as everyone else who had it, thus the lack of picture. Now… the real triumph is if I could get my dad to eat it, or any other sneaky recipe and have him not suspect anything!!


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