New Mommyhood

SunshineSo, I wanted to add a section for my musings, mistakes, and mop-ups that come with new motherhood.

Sunshine has become the light of my days, nights, and life. She is a perky, opinionated, now four month old that already has this amazing personality. Her antics make me shake my head and thank the Lord for the blessing that is her.

Today, she finally figured out the binky- and how to shove it into her mouth, on her own, with a few stumbles. (She continues to place the binky in handle first, but has used both her hands to turn it around and place the correct side in her mouth). Just hilarious. She is so inpatient and gets frustrated when it doesn’t work just right, the first try. Sounds oddly familiar and like one of her parents, actually.

She still hates tummy time, and only rolls over to her side when we are not looking, to grab her green rattle ball (which is her favorite). Otherwise, she expects to be held or interacted with most of the time and lets you know when she is not pleased she doesn’t have 100% of your attention.  I just love this kid!

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