Diaper Dilemas 9/13/11

So how many mothers have gone through tones of different diapers, trying to find the right one??  You know, the diapers that a) don’t leak b) less blow outs c) don’t have an odd odor d) other perks (I know, what kind of perks do diapers have, right?)

In my new quest/journey of motherhood, I have found some pretty interesting comparrisons.  For any of you that wish to know, here is what I have found:

  • Newborn Sizes:
  1. Huggies Swaddlers- So far these were the best for a newborn baby girl. We didn’t have one blow out or leak while she used these diapers. Also, an extra perk: They usually have cute animals and Disney characters plus an added bonus of a color change in a line on the diaper that signifies a dirty doo. They are on the higher end of the price scale, but with different coupons and websites available, they can come down in price significantly. What I noticed about Huggies: They have the protective barrier in the back of the diaper for when the “dirty doos”  go up the butt and back. 
  2. Costco/ Kirkland brand:  These were better in price, but the odd thing is, the smell. Once the diaper became wet it would have this odd smell to it.  We rarely had a blow out or leak with these though. No extra perks, but they do have some cute monkeys on them.
  • Size 1-2 ( Tendency for more blow outs now).
  1. Kirkland brand: Again, same issues as above, but cheaper in price than most brands. Did start to have some blow outs though.  They do not have a protective barrier in the back of the diaper so when the baby girl is sitting/standing/tummy time, it squishes out the top of the back. Not so helpful.
  2. Pampers: We had SOOOO many blow outs with Pampers. Though they were better in price and had cute Sesame Street animals, the cost of tossing out really stained clothes and going through a lot of diapers was not exactly worth it. Again, the blow outs happened in the legs and up the back again.
  3. Huggies: Same quality as the newborns. They just are made well for an active infant. I noticed that as long as I un-folded the diaper and stretched out the leg guards, it tended to catch everything. However, there is always the really big doos that fill up the diaper where it can’t catch it all. This happens with all diapers, though.
  • Size 2-  12-18lbs.  (More blow outs can happen)
  1. LUVS-  So far, not impressed with these diapers. They have a very strong powdery smell to them, which is okay. However, my little girl has a sensitive tushy and the diapers didn’t actually absorb all that much. The chemical reaction with the powder and the heat/moisture around here lately resulted in a little rash and yeast infection. These diapers were way cheaper than the Kirkland and Huggies brands, but it is not worth it for the tushy problems. They do have a 1-800 number to call if they leak (which they do) and you get 100% of your money back. I suggest saving the bag they come in, and get your money back when they leak!
  2. Kirkland:  Same as in the newborn sizes. Cheaper, but odd smell from urine in diaper. At least you know that your kid has a dirty diaper. Still, cute little monkeys.  
  3. Huggies Snugglers: My all new favorite diaper!!  Seriously! Cute little Winnie-the-Pooh and friends, no leaks or blow outs (knock on wood). You can get the merchandise coupons and combine with others and use Diapers.com and get these for a pretty good price. Plus!! Added bonus is the yellow stripe that turns blue when they have gone pee. (Cause seriously, we all know when they do the doo, but not always when they pee).  
My suggestion when you use these diapers, and all the others as well…. open them up before you strap them on.  Unfold all the guards around the legs and especially in the back. If you don’t, you most surely will get a leak or blow out. This has saved many an outfit!
So, I am sure I will go through more diapers, Learn more secrets to diaper making mysteries. These are our experiences with a little girl that is in the 75% in size and weight, so it can be different for many others with varying sized babies and I am sure different for those with little boys.  Yes, we do have cloth diapers, but because I can get really depressed I try to make myself go out as much as possible. Cloth diapers and traveling around really don’t mix well.  Plus, it is like Sunshine knows when we place a cloth diaper on her. She immediately pees.  So, whats the point? Might as well have a naked baby running around!!  Haha!

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