Happy Cows live in… Washington??

Original Californian, transplanted in Washington state, and I love the “happy cow” commercials! Totally crack me up!  And being that the current status of “lactation brain” has permanently set in for the time being, you are more likely to see me in a field of heifers chewing grass and being “udderly” out of my mind.  (haha- udder.  Get it?)Now, the action of nursing produces a hormone called “prolactin.”  The more I nurse, the less likely I have to go back on medications because nursing will make me feel all warm, snuggly, and that my purpose in life is to sit and produce milk. Well, since returning from our camping trip (which was a success, I might add) Sunshine has been attached at the boob for better parts of the day.  Not really nursing, but just wanting that extra reassurance and security that the boob provides that a Binky just doesn’t.  So, being that I am accommodating and would rather want her happy than crying and fussing (and I just could not figure out what it was she was so upset about) I just let her latch on.  What do ya know?  She is content as a kitten and just nuzzles down and falls asleep. Now, if I try to move her… all hell breaks loose again.  So, thus I am feeling quite like a cow, chewing her cud in a field right now.

When settling in with said lactation brain, I have all these great ideas going through my head but do not obtain the desire or energy to follow through with them because… nursing produces this “happy cow” energy where my main purpose in life is to sit and provide the “moo juice” for said survival of my calf.  Seriously, I almost started this post with “Beam me up, Scottie” as I love me some Star Trek. I go into this other universe for the better part of an hour when normally nursing Sunshine. Right now, I am in some far off galaxy for the better part of the day.  You are getting this post during my 20 minute reprieve… She finally drank so much she entered into her milk coma, which hasn’t happened in a few weeks. “The Milk is Strong in this one.”  (haha, had to throw in a Star Wars theme)

So, I am back to wandering the fields, aimlessly.  No real purpose but to produce Grade A+ moo juice, and making sure my little one feels safe and secure.  If that is walking around with her attached to me like a calf to a cow in the field… then so be it.  Milk does a body, er, baby good!!  Got milk??!!


Make sure to moo and have lots of giggles today!

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