Sunshine, Hula Dancing, and THE FORCE

There she was.  Doing her best to stand on her two little chubby legs.  Wobbling back and forth, much like the hula dancer on a dashboard.  Super cute…. but Oh!  So frustrated.The dribble was coalescing on her chin…. Down, down, down it fell and moistened the none-too-dry hands that were holding her up.

She was leaning; listing to the side like a ship in a storm. Enticing the item with her beautiful blue eyes. Glaring at the object on the ground.  Why the heck would it not come to her?  She stared in the direction of the items on the floor with such intent, she would swear the items would get up themselves and walk over to her.

Her mother, sensing her aggravation, looked among the items out of reach and moved them closer to her.  The green ball with little rattles in it.  Tends to be my favorite, she thinks, but nope. The force had failed her. This was not what she wanted.

Next item, was the teething keys in various bright colors that beckoned to be gnawed on.
Sigh, nope. This was not what she wanted. Damn, she thinks,  My ability to wield the force is rusty.

She stared harder than ever, so that the strength of her will would induce it to move closer to her.

There.  It wiggled.  She coos at it, encouraging its motion.  She wobbled her hips back and forth with excitement as it came closer. Closer. Closer. Almost there…. Gotcha! She grasps it with her little hand and shoves it into her mouth!

The BINKIE has landed!  She sucks on her pacifier with wild enthusiasm and hulas back and forth in her mother’s hands with happiness.

She has cracked the code folks.  She may not be able to manipulate the FORCE, but using her happy smiles and gurgles she sure as hell can manipulate her mother to get what she wants!!

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