The Sunshine that did not set….9/6/11

Today is a sunny day that is already reminding me of fall.

Sunshine has had two glorious days, and been in a great mood. However, this fell short last night. My husband, in the effort to be on time with his fantasy football draft, and I gave Sunshine her bath early and got her ready for bed.  She was fast asleep 2 hours earlier than usual.

Then it happened. She woke up around the usual time she goes to bed and was WIDE. AWAKE.  She at least was a happy baby, and having the time of her life exploring her little toes. So, I laid in bed with her and watched her as she babbled to me, explaining the rudimentary techniques of how to properly grasp, hold, hold both feet one-handed by holding on to her pajamas, and bring said feet into mouth to suck.  It was interesting, but boy was I tired. 11:00pm hit, and both Mike and I were gazing at each other with very exhausted expressions, thinking, “She is not looking one bit tired.”  Sigh.

Finally, after quite a bit of rocking and cajoling… Sunshine finally set.  I laid her down…. but within only a few hours she was awake again. Playing with her feet. Seriously, its like Alaska in the dead of Summer with how much Sunshine we are getting right now!!  She is happy though!  Not a storm cloud in site.

I had wrapped her up, as is customary so she doesn’t “Thwack” herself awake by hitting herself in the head. But man, that girl can wiggle! By attempting to bring her feet up to her head  by doing little crunches only 3 times, she had made enough room to get those little hands out. Takes less than a minute now. If she doesn’t want to be contained, she won’t be.

There must be some seriously interesting things about feet and toes because I have never seen a baby so intent and interested in them. And determined to get them in her mouth. (Yes, I know this is entirely normal for babies and their little discoveries).

With that, Sunshine has not been so sunny today. Tired, a bit temperamental, now tired of her feet, and lacking a bit of patience for her mother and grandmother who were folding 9 loads of laundry that had piled up…. she did not take well to watching or sitting. So, perhaps a few naps are in order today.

For both of us.  🙂

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