Toofers, is Heater speak for teething.  Poor Sunshine is already teething, and thus the reason her low grade fever has never gone away. Her “toofers” hurt and she is grumpy, but this is mostly because she hasn’t mastered her finger dexterity yet so that she can grab what she wants to shove in her mouth.  Quite comical really. Her little 3 month old frustration tantrums and the drool flowing down her chin. She just talks and talks and tells me all about how displeased she is with her little conundrum.She also does this cute sitting thing….where she is being supported by a boppy pillow but leeeaaannnsss to one side and then falls over.  I’d like to say I am laughing with her, but she is so pissed.  But seriously.  It’s hilarious! Today, she was so displeased that when I tried to put her down for tummy time she immediately went into supersonic mode and was hiccuping with displeasure.  Sigh… she really is vocal about what she likes and doesn’t like. I believe our little sensitive daughter is going to really break some hearts later.

Well, I am off to do laundry since I can sneak away while she naps. Amazing the energy I am finding at the most odd times of the day, where before I really had none.

Have a beautiful day and don’t forget to giggle!

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