Wait. (The Discovery and Purpose of the Hands).

Excerpt from Sunshine’s day:“There it is.  I can almost touch it. Gotcha!”

“Uh, why can’t I let go?  Wait, was that me?  Did I make that noise? (shakes fist) WOW!  That was me!  Hmmm.  What does this taste like, I wonder?

Wait. I shall place this in my mouth.
Hmm… surprisingly bland. But squishy.  Let me try this again. Hmmm.  I could get use to this.  Not to bad. Just squishy. Wait. Why does it keep rattling? What is that crackly noise?  I don’t like that!! Crap. Get it away from me!  Now!!

Wait. Give me something else to suck on, dammit! You can’t just take that away from me and not give me something to suck on.  Hmmm.  This cloth on body may do.  Yum. Metal button.  The rest doesn’t have much flavor, but it will suffice. 
It’s soggy now.  I am not happy with soggy! I want something else! 

Wait. What is this?  It is red, it is squishy, and it doesn’t make any noise.  I like this.  I shall place it in my mouth. Hmmm…. I like this.

Wait. What is this?? This feels different, but is tasty. Yum.  Those little phalanges are tasty. Those are what I have been using to grab items… and they themselves are really tasty! Wow!  Forget those damn toys, these are the bomb!! 

Wait.  Why can’t I put both of them in my mouth at the same time?  This is not fair. This is sooo not fair!!!  Give me something to suck on dammit!     

Wait. The orb! I want the orb!!! 
Sigh…. that is better. Nothing beats the moo juice (or in this case the mom juice).
Now I will proceed to make a mess in my shorts to show my appreciation.”
(She discovered how to use her thumbs to pick things up more effectively. She had been just using her fingers to pinch at things. She started off playing with a crackly dog we have named Flopsy. He has a rattle and feet she could suck on. Obviously, her attention span did not warrant prolonged time with this one. Next she went to sucking on the button on her outfit. Again, short but sweet.
Next she went to a red Winnie the Pooh item, that is part blanket with a head and arms of Pooh sticking out. She generally likes this one… but then discovered her hands tasted better.
Then, she was not satisfied with her hands because she could not get both fists in her mouth at the same time. She then justified that it was time to eat. She was much happier with the orb. While eating, she made the dirty diaper. While being changed, and after eating, she went back to chewing on her fingers.)

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