“Have fun stormin’ the Castle”- from The Princess Bride

This is my movie review site. I just luuurrrvvv a good movie. The ones I really love, you can tell by my abuse of the lines from the movies. I am notorious at misquoting lines from movies. Drives my hubby nuts. But heck, that’s just me.

So I had to use a movie line to open this section. Will make sure to post a movie review once a week, cause I just love me some movies!

Now, on to “Heather’s Movie Rating System.”

Now my movie postings will be straight forward, and sometimes funny. I have a system that either applies to the movies that are thought provoking, make you cry, feel good flicks. Then I have a separate star system for the blow ’em up, action packed flicks.  (I appreciate those that actually have a story line and don’t just blow things up). Feel Good Movie: The King’s Speech 5/5 Stars, on Heater’s Rating System. Action/Adventure: Inception5/5 on Heater’s Rating System.

When the action/adventure is combined with a feel good movie, then I can’t help but go to those on an opening night.

Seriously though, I will generally give you a “Green Light” for going to those that are a “Must SEE” in the movie theater. A “Yellow Light” for possible theater viewing, or wait for it to come out on DVD.  Or a “RED LIGHT” for don’t waste your time or money.

Sound good???

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