Why I love Tuesdays!

Why I Love Tuesdays!  

There are so many reasons to have a particular favorite day of the week. Generally, I loved Fridays when I was working because they tended to be really easy days. While working in social services or teaching high school students, you didn’t get as many crazies on Friday. Figuring that I consider myself to BE one of those crazies, well Fridays always came with the expectant end of the day, signaling the end of the work week. Plus, the kids were just as excited as you were to get out the damn door. Fridays, of course meant staying up later to watch movies or play games, and the subsequent sleeping in later.

Now that Sunshine is here, 4 ½ months of not getting much sleep at all, having to get up when she does, and not going back to work has changed my mindset on favorite days of the week. Am I dragging my ass around the house yet, trying to accomplish, well… anything?  Why yes, yes I am thank you.

Tuesdays are the bomb!!! These are the following reasons why I believe Tuesdays are my new favorite day of the week.

  1. It’s NOT Monday. (Thank God!!) I enjoy Mondays too because I get a chance to escape and sing at choir for 3 hours at night. The sounds we are producing after only two practices! Let’s just say I get teary eyed just singing, its so beautiful. This could be hormone related or not, but we have such an amazing sound already. Makes me excited for concert times!! But in general, Monday still is the sign of the beginning of the week. That means quite a few more days before Daddy gets to be at home, help me out, and spend some much needed, and precious and cute, time with his daughter (and also that I can get my ass back in bed for a few more zzzzz’s). Excited for sleep! Yeah, I am lame.
  2. Tuesday is the day before HUMP day. You gotta love the middle of the week, signifying that the week is half way done. Tuesday is half way thru to that. I know, silly. But I have to look at the positives. Enjoy each day as I live it. But part of that is looking forward to the next day, right?
  3. The really important part?? Tuesdays is NEW BOOK RELEASE days!! (Also new movies as well, but I am really excited for the books!) Excited yet?  Puh-lease!  It is a super great day when I get a new book or movie!! Me and Amazon.com have this lovely arrangement. When a new book in a series I have been reading is about to come out, they email me. I, much to the disappointment of my hubby, pre-order the books I REALLY want to read. I get this lovely little message on Saturday stating the book has been shipped, and the book arrives promptly, in my little hands, on Tuesday. No standing and waiting in lines for said book! It is here, at my door, in my hands, and I am happy.Now, I could go on and on about why an actual paper book is so much better than a net book on a kindle or nook. Honestly, it is just about preference. I can see the benefits of utilizing a kindle or nook. Like on vacations. Instead of carting around 5-8 books, you can download them onto these smart little machines. For me…. I love the tangibleness of a book in my hands. Nothing takes away the joy of turning the pages, ear marking them, smelling the freshly pressed ink. I know. (Rolls Eyes) Me and books. Sigh. Give me a new book I’ve been waiting for, and I am truly happy. Odd, but it works. I don’t always get a book on Tuesdays, but hey, it’s something to look forward to anyways. I make sure to read something new on Tuesdays, no matter what. It is a pick me up, to an otherwise mundane day of the week.

For a bit of sunshine sent your way, I have added a link for the Ellen website. She cracks me up, adds joy to the day, and well… she’s damn funny. For all of you dragging through your Monday blahs, here is a pick me up to get you to a great day of the week- TUESDAY!! Woot!

Boo-yah! And don’t forget to giggle!