A pot, Nazgul, and Sunshine

Kinda odd having the Nazgul reference, but believe me… the sounds emanating from Sunshine right now are very reminiscent of Middle Earth Ring-Wraiths.  I think she would do Tolkien very proud. (or at least Steven Jackson would be impressed).

You see, Sunshine is growing leaps and bounds. She has enjoyed playing with pots and pans. She enjoys pounding on the piano at Grandma’s. She is doing this cute bouncy dance when music comes on. She says “ma-ma-ma” and holds up her arms to be picked up. She loves to stand up, and can do so for a few seconds on her own (but is leaning on us or using us to self-correct). She uses other items in her hands to bring ones too far away closer to her.  She butt scooches, but doesn’t crawl as she still doesn’t like being on her tummy. It is very impressive to say the least.

Over the last two days she has taken to screeching at very odd decibel levels.  At least they are higher than the supersonic ones she uses when very upset. Nope.  This is a happy baby experimenting with yet another sound level that she creates (aside from her lower flatulent sounds, and lyric cackle).

She has this goofy grin pasted to her face as she looks up to you, and then belts it out.  Here.  I will show you a comparison and you can decide for yourself:

Cute baby practicing super sounding screeches? Or Nazgul, Ring Wraith type disguised in the ultra cute wrappings of a seven month old?

You decide.

The Eye Candy Factor…

Okay, this is dedicated to my friend Elle, who stated she is having a bad week, or bad day.  She is not feeling well, and her little girl has the stomach flu.  (Not to long before everyone in the house will have it).

So, I dedicate today’s post to the simplicity of eye-candy.  Yeah.  You know about it. Everyone has a particular person they wouldn’t mind taking another look at. Many of these people are actors, singers, stars from when you were a kid. I count my husband as one of the hotties I like to take second looks at, but of course, there are others.

For the theme of eye-candy, we can admire the beauty that surrounds us, or is plastered on the interwebs, these days.  So, without much further ado…. these are some of my favorite cuties, and I hope that they cheer her up, or anyone else for that matter.


Hotness Factor- 10 in my book.  Whether its the eyes, the abs, or the accent… James McAvoy is delicious to watch! Unfortunately, not too many good pics out there of him. However, whatever he plays: a faun, a quadriplegic, super hero X-man, 18th century gentleman, or an assassin, he is hot! And he is great in all those films!!

James McAvoy


Okay. 3 words.

Joseph. Gordon. Levitt.

Joseph Gordon Levitt

What a cutie! Loved him in Inception and 50/50!

Okay…. Legolas.  He was super hot. I mean, how can you NOT like looking at an Elf?

Oops... not this elf.

Oops…Hehe. Not that elf.


I actually stopped watching CSI about the time his character was off’d. My favorite CSI Investigator to look at:

Gary Dourdan. Love those eyes!

Okay… and I have to admit… I have a thing for geeks. Or those guys who play geeks on t.v.  I adore Jim Parsons!

I will love him, hug him, and squeeze him and call him mine.

Heh.  How can you not love a genius who adores cats, is socially inept, and treats his mother like gold (well, somewhat)?

Okay, so these guys are not drop dead gorgeous, but they are on my cuteness list.  How can you not smile when these guys smile?  It is contagious.  So, tonight is Big Bang Theory…. might as well go watch it. I love a good laugh….and hope you do as well!  Enjoy your day and don’t forget to giggle.

Mommy Language

With the arrival of Sunshine, I have developed a new vocabulary. Yeah, I know… most people develop “baby language.”  I, however seem to have developed a particular dialect.  While it’s admittedly a bit odd, many are fairly self-explanatory. It seems I have come up with a slew of word choices or descriptions for bodily functions. Why is this, do you think?

Angry Suck: (verb)  When Sunshine has her pacifier (or the boob) in her mouth and she is grumbling her discontent that it took you so dang long to do what she wanted.

Boobles: (noun) Another nickname for the boobs.

“Doin’ the Doo”:  Uh, yeah.  Making a poo.  

Fuss Fuss – (verb)  Rhymes with Gus Gus.  Yes, from Cinderella. When Sunshine is getting, what?  Fussy. 

Grumpapotamus: (verb) When Sunshine is super grumpy.  Yeah, speaks for itself.

Mao- (verb) Not Chinese based, but sounds like Mao, but I always thought of it like MOW, but pronounced like Mao. Definition: When Sunshine chews, with her gums (soon to be teeth), on my boob and growls at the same time.  This is funny. For now. 😦

Poot, Pootin, or Pootasaurus: (Noun, verb, Noun).  Dude, the kid has farted, or is making or has made a BIG doo-doo.  

Side B: (Noun) Depicts whatever breast is next after emptying out the first one.

That’s about it for now.  I expect I will develop more words as we go along.

Do you have any words that you’ve made up for your kids?