Letter to a friend….

To My Departed Friend and Lover of All-Things-Austen:

You left yesterday, on a journey I could not accompany you on. You have left behind a slew of family and friends who will miss your joyful smile. They will miss your passion for cooking fine foods, drinking great wines, and being the supportive, kind soul you have always been. They will miss you.

As will I. You, who shared in my passion for travel, and most of all…. my obsession with all things Austen. With you, I was not alone in this little quirky world of the 1800’s. Nay, we smiled knowingly, nodded at the dances, and each have chosen our own Mr. Darcy’s in life. We both chose well.

You were the friend that I could be a hopeless romantic with. That could quote more lines than I from Pride and Prejudice (the book and both the 1995 and 2005 movie versions). You grew your antique collection of 18th century furniture and artwork, and truly decorated your life with a flourish and style that little possess. You embraced the life and love of that era, with a passion for today’s time. Honestly, you were the only friend in whom I could share this with. We both believe we lived prior lives in that time period.

I assume the heavenly magistrate will continue to seek you to advocate for others. I know that you will continue to protect those who cannot speak for themselves wherever you may be. You are gifted at working with others, so I know you will be a great help. To me, you have always been like a Mr. Knightley, charging in to help the young Harriet Smith, or the elderly Mrs. Bates. You are the Mr. Knightley of my life.

I did not take advantage of seeing you more these past few months, but I am grateful for the time we did spend together. I will continue to send my condolences to your family, and remind Kenny how much he is loved. I will inspire to continue to live the romantic life, to grasp on to my love with both hands, and to forever dance, sing, and read because you taught me that doing so is truly living.

So, do you go on to the BIG ball in the sky? Shall I wait for an invitation from you, or assume you are dancing a quadrille with some noble person of our time? Will you write and tell me about your escapades? Will you say hello to Jane for me? Ask her how she came up with her dashing male characters and strong heroines that we inspire to evolve into?

Someday, we will meet again, dear friend. Someday, we will get to revel over old plots, new stories, and talk about the Mr. Darcys in our lives. I ask that you, Alonzo, save me a Waltz for when I see you again.

You will be missed.

Your Jane Austen Friend-

Heather (and lil Sunshine, a.k.a. Little Jane)