To all my blogging Peeps…

I'm lookin' at you! Oh! Shiny object.

It has been a week. I know. I. Am. Lame. Sigh.
However, I have plans for a whole new set of fun things to write this week. One for Turkey day, of course. All the things I am thankful for.
One about lame-ass Lexus drivers. (Yeah, you know who you are! Asshats)
One about two books I have finished for my fun reading challenge. (And one book I have been attempting, and is incredibly difficult to finish being a mommy and having the attention span of a squirrel. Ohh! are those my nuts? Shiny object.)
Where was I? I am already being paged by the husband…. never enough time to actually sit down and collect myself to write something. (Bah! and he expects me to write a frickin book. Yeah right!)
Well…. I have plans, peeps. Plans. (and it’s not to stick you in a microwave and watch you turn into funny shapes. Ever do that to a peep? Funny stuff man)

Okay, I digress. With the fallout from the pre-concert week, little sleep, fighting off that damn cold my hubby brought home, I spend the majority of the week sleeping whenever I could. Still got the cold, but was able to make it go away in about 2-3 days, or at least to the point I could reach my stratousphere notes for my concert, and didn’t bother trying to gravel out the low notes, as those were seriously depleted by phlegm.
Enough about my icky cold… I am off to the book club this evening with Sunshine and the girls. I promised I would share those two books I read, and I am going to do it!! Woot.
Now, where is that darn lorazepam?…. see you in a bit fellow readers!