A pot, Nazgul, and Sunshine

Kinda odd having the Nazgul reference, but believe me… the sounds emanating from Sunshine right now are very reminiscent of Middle Earth Ring-Wraiths.  I think she would do Tolkien very proud. (or at least Steven Jackson would be impressed).

You see, Sunshine is growing leaps and bounds. She has enjoyed playing with pots and pans. She enjoys pounding on the piano at Grandma’s. She is doing this cute bouncy dance when music comes on. She says “ma-ma-ma” and holds up her arms to be picked up. She loves to stand up, and can do so for a few seconds on her own (but is leaning on us or using us to self-correct). She uses other items in her hands to bring ones too far away closer to her.  She butt scooches, but doesn’t crawl as she still doesn’t like being on her tummy. It is very impressive to say the least.

Over the last two days she has taken to screeching at very odd decibel levels.  At least they are higher than the supersonic ones she uses when very upset. Nope.  This is a happy baby experimenting with yet another sound level that she creates (aside from her lower flatulent sounds, and lyric cackle).

She has this goofy grin pasted to her face as she looks up to you, and then belts it out.  Here.  I will show you a comparison and you can decide for yourself:

Cute baby practicing super sounding screeches? Or Nazgul, Ring Wraith type disguised in the ultra cute wrappings of a seven month old?

You decide.