Adventures in Couponing

Last week I took the first steps in couponing to save us some money. I only attempted one store, so this will hopefully change after I make some tweaks to my lists and collect more coupons.

This is what I know so far:

  1. I saved 40% on my overall costs, around $69 dollars. For first time out, I don’t think thats great, but I hope to improve. I was able to pick up quite a few household items and cereals that should last us for quite a while.
  2. I tried to plan with the hubby to come up with dinner ideas for the week. I believe that if I had been able to follow thru with this, with him, that I would have spent less on miscellaneous items. Better planning for meals, will make better lists of items to get.
  3. I still believe that keeping my hubby from going to the store throughout the week to pick up random items will save us about $240 a month. This also includes my random visits.
  4. I now get 4 Sunday newspapers sent to me with the total cost being about $26 a month. With that I get multiple coupons on items I can stock up on, or get multiples of, and being that most papers coupons are pilfered and searched through before I can actually get to them this will make it much easier. Saves on gas, time, and is even cheaper per paper when buying multiples.

With the help of my dear friend, Jenny, and the couponing websites (,,, Redplum and Super Savers coupon sites) I will gradually attempt more stores, and do a better job at saving. My number one goal is to save at least 60% when shopping. So, first 2 goals for this week: Set a respectable budget for groceries a month and create weekly recipes with the hubby to plan for next weeks shopping trip. My plan is for Mondays or Tuesdays to be my super saving couponing days. Wish me luck people. It is in writing now, so I will attempt to be true to these goals.