Love Bites!

Nope. Not a Def Leopard song.  Sorry. Though that is from my childhood era and I do like Def Leopard.  Hmmm… I shall hum this to myself as I write. Perhaps it will help.

I loved my daughter long before today. Way before she quickly entered our world. More like the first moment I found out we were pregnant and felt her kick. (She kicked A LOT throughout the pregnancy and it reminds me of that commercial for March of Dimes. She was exactly like that!)March of Dimes Soccer Commercial

This moment in her life was expected though. I knew it would happen eventually, but the feeling when it actually did occur still surprised me. Today is Sunshine’s 8 month birthday.  Amazing how time has flown by. With the big 8 months came her first two teeth this morning. Thank God!!! We were despairing this whole teething thing would never end. Well, it doesn’t really end, but I have heard from many that it gets easier after the first ones come in. Here is hoping, and praying!!

So, when Sunshine took a bit of a bite of the boob this morning (say that 3 times fast), her little teeth that are so unsuspecting to even cause pain as they are just erupting… Well. Damn. That hurt! They are barely there, but you can feel the little sharpness of new teeth and surprisingly they pack a punch, or bit a bit too much for this mommy’s orbs.

I let out a yelp, and “Ow! That hurt mommy!” and Sunshine looks up to me and gives me a huge heart melting grin. I try so hard to still look upset, which isn’t too hard as the sting has not gone away from the tender boob. It is so difficult to make sure she knows that hurt, and not expect her to do it again. She is crawling all over me, lifting herself up to standing and then face-planting her head into my cleavage. She looks up at me again, and she is just glowing with mirth.

So here is what I was thinking at this moment: Hmm… should I apply ice to said orb? Would that Orajel stuff work on the boob? Man… how could those little teeth, only peeking through, cause so much pain? Frick! Okay. Stay calm. She wants to maul the other boob. Should I do it? Hmmm….

Can you resist this face?

“I have mauled your boob. It was fun. I shall do it again!!”

She is hurting, the little tears have subsided a little, but all she wants is sustenance that only the Orbs can provide.

Okay, Sunshine. I will give you the orb if you promise not to bite. Okay sweetie?! Okay.

“Ouch. Damn! That HURTS!

Breast feeding, boob kicking ninja, and one handed typing.

Sunshine computing

This post is dedicated to those one-handed typers out there. You know who you are! I used to be a 70wpm typer, am now relegated to whatever I can type with one hand while breast feeding Sunshine, and protecting the other boob from her super ninja kicks that leave me with bruises. (Totally sucks! OUCH!)

I am also desperately wishing I a) had a new lap top as this one keeps losing connectivity with the router b) had a new phone because my current phone no longer takes pics and I send these to The DOH on a daily basis to keep him apprised of Sunshine’s antics 3) I had an iphone then I could supremely chat, blog, type one handed while taking much better phone pics, uploading them to my blog as well as send them to facebook or my hubby, and finally play the angry birds game in a way that it should be played, while also getting that nifty free keyboard app so I can practice my notes for my choir music without Sunshine getting peeved at being downstairs with the keyboard.
Sigh, long list… but as my phone is failing me and I am do for an upgrade, I think I might finally be able to accomplish some of this.


The kid is maoing (see Mommy Language post) on the boob. Teething is not fun for her, and it seems the past few days she has been relatively calm, so I though to self…. “Perhaps the toofers stopped erupting? Perhaps she is no longer teething?” Stupid mommy. She is back in full force, but the nice thing is… she has finally started sleeping a bit better. More sleep for mommy, means “argh! The body craves more sleep!” Why is it when you get more sleep, the body craves it more?

When going for weeks with very very little sleep, I noticed I was forgetting way more. Like that church was starting at 10:00am this Sunday, not 11:00am, and I was supposed to be there for practice at 9:00am. Yeah, that didn’t happen. How much continuous sleep did I get Saturday night? 55 minutes, folks. Sunshine has gone to this mode of sleeping for 40 minute stretches then waking up. Sigh.
She gets better sleep if I take her out somewhere into the community during the day, AND if I go out that night. Perhaps she wears herself out crying in daddy’s arms and that is why she sleeps better? Otherwise, the rest of the time it is back to 40 minute stretches. Sigh… then I am in serious sleep deprivation.
Wondering how long it has taken me to type this thing with one hand, and the other literally tied up with Sunshine…. 12 minutes, people. I ROCK!
I often can’t do much, but today it seems I can. Even with a teething, breast feeding, boob kicking ninja in one arm. Gotta take my pats on the back when I can.;)

It’s Raining Caterpillars!

Today was a Beautiful day in the PAC NW.  Sunshine and I went out to appreciate the beauty at NW TREK.

Dude. This hat?

Dude. This hat?

This was super special because 1) Sunshine slept a lot last night, and so did her mom. (SWEEETTT!)  2) Sunshine was happy despite the teething wars.  3) It was just peaceful and wonderful!!

Mt. Rainier, Bison, and lake at NW Trek

So, today I am sharing the pics of our adventures. It was lovely!  Plus, it was raining caterpillars!  How cool was that?!  Actually, not so cool. Some of these caterpillars were a little creepy.  I distinctly remember, as a child, getting bitten by a caterpillar that looked like these.  So, I chose NOT to pick them up.  My pictures aren’t the greatest.


So, while we saw bison, big kitties, bears, and woofs, with all the beautiful falls colors…. well, we just enjoyed our day.  I hope that you have had a beautiful day, and found something to smile at, giggle about, and hug!


Spiney Calipiter!