Welcome and Hello!

My blog is personal. That is what it is. It is about my life; my “whoopsies”, my “yahoo!’s”, and especially about my passions and love in life. I will talk about mommyhood for sure, but I will also talk about what it means to be a person living with a mental illness. What does it mean to be a new mother who also has a mental illness?  In fact, just being a new mother is difficult in and of itself.

Where we find the giggles in motherhood and mental illness.....What could this blog really be about, besides mommyhood and the craziness that occurs with bouts of insanity?  Well, a lot actually. I am not just a mommy. I am not just a person with a disability. I am a lover of music, of reading, of playing games, and especially passionate about advocating for others who may not have a voice, or the words, to advocate for themselves.

So, come. You are welcome here, whether you are crazy or not. Come on in. Sit down. Laugh at my stories, my mistakes. Share your stories. Life is filled with wonder and to not laugh at it, and all our myriad of experiences is to miss the point of life.  It is To Live!

Talk to me, People. (Comment)

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